Compilation of Articles

From 2015

What is Righteousness

A Study of Biblical righteousness

Is or Was
Does the old man die out gradually as many claim or is he put to death in repentance? What does the bible teach

The Wrath of God
Is there Wrath Yet to come on the children of disobedience who claim Jesus took their wrath? 

If Ye Continue
Is our Salvation dependent on Continuing in the faith?

From 2013-14

Have all sinned and are None Righteous?

Coming out from among them!

Saved in the Very Act!
Not only are they being 'Saved in sin' in the Churches, but also in the VERY ACT of such sins as molestation, incest and domestic abuse!

Receiving Jesus
How do you 'Receive Jesus' its not what you think! See what Jesus said about it

Myth of Moral Depravity Study
This is a comprehensive Study into the nature of man, the nature of sin and the Nature of God

The Filthy Rags 'Christian!
Can you present 'filthy rags to God and be accepted? Study the lie of the filthy rags 'Christian

By Your Words

The Eyes of the Lord

Desiring God

Grace, Faith and Works

Making a Distinction

The Whole Armor of God

The Purpose of the Commandment

Do you Believe in Magic
Most Professed Christians do. They believe in Magic Words, Magic Covers and magic transfers of Virtue, not they are selling to the Mormons!