Do You Believe in Magic!  


Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. Acts19:19


Do you believe in magic? Most people do, but they would never admit it, yet they do believe in magic charms, magic words, magic prayers and magic transfers of virtue. Although they donít bow to idols made of wood and stone they do idolize their religious fables that absolve them form their responsibility to Obey God and 'magically declares them 'Saved and set apart when they repeat the 'magic words. Are they likely to 'burn these Myths in favor of coming clean in Repentance and following Christ? It's highly doubtful, but they will work zealously to bring others out of one System of Deception into 'another which is far worse. Not that you're better off under one Lie  than you may be under another, since they all lead to Perdition, but the lie that is so well disguised as Truth that it can convince you its absolutely 'of GOD can seal your doom forever. I've known PhD's who truly believe that if they can persuade someone to pray with them and 'Repeat the magic words, that person instantly becomes a child of God on his way to the Kingdom! But if you ask them to show you WHERE in the Bible are these 'magic words, they are mum.


In Mormonism they teach that Repentance is a 'process of ceasing from sin and pursuing after holiness. In their religion you 'live the law of chastity, live the law of fidelity, etc, but to Professed Christians this is an attempt to 'make yourself Worthy before God can save you and they mock it as a 'Cultish lie. They insist that Repentance isn't a Process nor are any 'works required to be Saved, just 'receive and trust that Jesus did all the work required to secure your Salvation now and forever. To a frustrated 'Mormon weary of the ridged requirements of their religion this sounds like a pretty good deal, the supposed convert simply exchanges their 'Magic underwear' with Jesus' 'Magic Cloak of Righteousness! They don't have to 'Repent anymore, just 'Receive and then 'Work to Rest', which  means the 'work has been done, you now kick back and relax. The harsh 'Moral codes you once tried to live by are no longer a matter of deep concern. Jesus understands your weakness and inability to obey, that's why He Obeyed for you and freely gave you His Righteousness to cover your sin. Trusting that its a done deal is the Key in tapping into the exceeding great and precious promises He has in store for your life. You STOP worrying about DOING and Keep thinking DONE! And when you 'mess up He has you covered. So now instead of 'Magic charms, special Visitations and New Revelations about the Kingdom of God, its 'Magic Words and 'imaginations that you've been 'Saved by 'Grace, not of works, lest anyone should boast!


The Mormons taught Obedience to God's moral Laws and a life free from the ruinous nature of Sin, but they 'trusted in a false deity to secure their final Salvation in heaven. They were HALF Right, since Obedience from the heart is the first act of Faith toward God (Rom6:16) but on the other hand Professing Christianity (who zealously peruse them to receive Jesus) are 100% in error. They think that 'Repentance and Faith Proven by Deeds' (Mat3:7, Lk3:7, Acts26:18-21) is a 'works based religion and a 'false gospel! So they run around telling people that trying to 'Cease from sin, or cleanse yourself of all filthiness and overflow of wickedness (1Pet4:1, Js1:21-22) is IMPOSSIBLE and

strictly forbidden under grace. The poor, deceived Mormons who make every attempt to be found 'Worthy before God are actually robbing Christ of His glory in doing it for them, which is tantamount to blasphemy of the Holy Spirit because if anyone could stop sinning they wouldn't need God. This is the true essence of what the Bible means when it says they are 'Deceived and Being Deceived'. Heaps and heaps of Bible Pundits selling a 'Do Nothing' Gospel to the world 24/7 and the blinded, dumbed-down masses swallowing it down like sugar coated candy.


It's astounding how folks who once believed in a GOD who wanted them to live Holy and Morally upright life as His followers, abstaining from the harmful and unclean things of this world and be examples to others, would so easily exchange it for the 'Filthy Rages' profession of mainstream 'Christianity, in which they become the 'Chief of sinners, Roman's Wretch, saved by Grace 'sinners proudly flouting their continual failures to the world as the ONE True Religion on earth! Instead of building their lives on the foundation of Faithfulness and fidelity to Christ through a diligent search of the Scriptures (minus the winds of doctrine) they join ranks with the 'Parrots, chanting 'If I say I have no sin' all day long while they wallow in their iniquity. What a Trade! Do they still 'believe in Magic, YES to the nth-degree. They now believe in a God who doesn't care how they live, just that they 'Trust in the MAGIC transfer of Jesus' Righteousness they receive by repeating the magic words with some 'sinner saved by grace. They once believed in a God who wanted them to abstain from the ruinous nature of sin, but NOW they're FREE to Cut Lose their bonds of legalism and stop worrying about messing up all the time. They've come out of the frying pan into the fire, so to speak. BOTH Systems are Magic based, but at odds with each other. In professed Christianity its the Magic Words that impart the Magic Transfer of Christís perfect obedience and righteousness to the sinner. And then followed by the 'Magic Cloak the preachers say 'shields them from any further condemnation for their on going sins.


They will scoff the Catholics for their Magic wafer, Holy water, rosary beads, prayers for the dead and special unctionís, but FAIL to see the foolishness of 'trusting in mythical transfers of Virtue that's declares them Righteous while they remain wicked. So as Professing Christianity runs around calling the Mormons Cultists for wearing their Magic underwear, they TRAVEL the Wide Road to destruction together with them believing their 'System is the ONLY true Way to heaven for mankind. So WHO is really the worse off, at least in Mormonism there's a possibility of one coming out and finding True Redemption in Christ. But HOW do we reach someone who has bought the GREATEST Lie of all, that you can 'Sin with impunity and NEVER suffer the consequences of your actions!


It's no wonder that most World Religions see main-stream Christianity as a colossal JOKE, because for the most part it is. It's full of charlatans, posers, show-men, liars and down-right vile characters. AND no one within its ranks will expose the farce for what it is, lest they be expelled and labeled a lunatic. Its millions of professors are among the lest trust worthy people on earth, who speak out of both sides of their mouths and constantly argue in favor of wrong doing. They have no Clear distinctions between evil and good, right and wrong and will NEVER call a spade a spade. They take no responsibility for their actions and are not held accountable by their peers. Bottom line they turn the Grace of God into a License for immorality and mock His Moral Laws as religious legalism. They have created a Lawless generation of Church going reprobates who commit every vile act under the sun and get away 'Scott free as God's 'chosen people, while dragging the Holy Name of Christ through the mire of their iniquity.


SO I ask you to THINK.... before 'repeating those awful, words you believe are your deliverance from God's Commandments, DO you Really want to Join this 'lawless Club and be numbered among the 'sin daily crowd? What kind of moral code can you offer your family and more importantly your children 'believing that God doesn't hold you accountable for your wrong doings. You 'reap what you sow here, ruinous behavior only leads to tragedy and destruction, you know that. So 'Believe also that GOD too is watching and will INDEED render to each one according to their DEEDS, 'eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality;  but to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness indignation and wrath, tribulation and anguish, on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek; but glory, honor, and peace to everyone who works what is good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For there is no partiality with God. Rom2:7-11


The Professed Christians who 'believe in Magic will NOT be exempt from Judgment according to their Deeds.


Basically the Mormons Believe about Repentance:
That its Proven by Deeds and man has the Ability to perform those deeds

That God's Grace and their efforts to come clean 'Work together' to attain Salvation

That you must Stop sinning (vile acts) Before you can be Saved

And unfortunately, you must Obey a bunch of Church ordnances to be considered perfect enough to enter Kingdom


What the Professed Christian who witness to them Believe:

That its impossible to forsake your sins and deny all ungodliness to be saved

That you merely 'receive Jesus as you are and He does the rest

That its impossible to ever live up to the requirements of their Church and the Moral law

That Mormons must reject the idea of forsaking sin and making every effort to do what's right because no one can

When they admit they cannot Do all that is required of them, they're offered the Magic Words and join the do nothing club, testify for their fellow Mormons and learn to spread the lie to others.


The Mormons have the Biblical concept of Synergy (working together with God) in repentance down Pat. However they ADD a long list of man-made requirements to the idea of 'godliness and self-control. Although they stress Obeying the Moral Laws of God and living Pure, they also insist on Magic charms and extra-biblical sources that set aside the fundamental teachings of Jesus. Those concerned about the obvious hypocrisy in their ranks and the constant feeling of inadequacy living up to their codes are easily persuaded (dubbed) by the Phony repeat after me Gospel and the prospect of 'doing nothing to be Saved. Sadly the ranks of the Lawless are growing by leaps and bounds as a result of this as more join up each day and zealously go about gathering in the Tares for what they think is the Rapture but is in reality will be an AWFUL Day of Judgment for them all.