Is or Was? The Preposition defined the Verb:


'We have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Christ ONCE for all! Heb10:10. Just as Christ cannot be 're-crucified', we can't repent over and over again and again: knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin.Rom6:6  


And those who are Christís have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires Gal5:24


WAS Crucified, HAVE Crucified, Past tense, DONE and NOT to be repeated! The KJV uses the preposition 'is' in Rom6:6, as though it is taking place now and on-going, giving the impression that, 'We are Crucifying our Old man daily' by a process of sinning less and obeying more. This is NOT what the Passages are saying, they are clearly being expressed in the PAST tense, something already done. Called the Aorist tense in Greek, (Which has no equivalent in English) But usually expressed in the Past tense, Literally meaning: 'an action having begun at a certain point and ended at a certain point, not to be repeated', you can confirm this yourself by looking up Rom6:6 in the Greek Lexicon and checking the Parsing information of each passage. Both Rom6:6 and Gal5:24 are expressed in this manner and its vitally important to understand that the Crucifying of evil desires, Old man, takes place in Repentance, NOT as an on-going process of committing such sins as listed in Gal5:19-21, 1Cor6:9-10, these sins are DONE away, Put to death, Crucified in Repentance, they do not reoccur again and again as a dog returning to its vomit. The Prodigal Son rose up from the Pig Pen and went to the Father, he NEVER returned to it again.


Here's another example: I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. Gal2:20
Again, the KJV uses the Wrong Tense: 'I am Crucified with Christ', implying it is on-going, as 'I die daily', in 1Cor15:31, they will use to say Paul is slowly dying out to his Old man, but this passage is speaking of facing death  every day, not sinning everyday! The Gal2:20 passage is called the Perfect Tense in the Greek, confirmed in the Lexicon as an action that has been Completed in the Past, once for all, not to be repeated. So Paul is affirming that the Putting to death the Old man is DONE, once for all, not something he must do on a continual bases. T
hey tampered with the tense because of their flawed belief in gradual sanctification and a supposed fallen nature dwelling in man that had to die out slowly over time. He gets 'saved initially in his sins (faith alone) and then good works or sinning less, should Spring out of his faith as he slowly progresses in Sanctification. But the on-going sins are always excused because of a 'sin-nature, or the old man dying out slowly as they confess 1Jh1:9 to as a magic cover.


Rather, we grow in Grace and Knowledge, 2Pet3:18, not sanctification, that took place at Conversion, 1Cor6:11, Acts26:18, 'He Purified their hearts by faith', Acts15:9, 'Since you have been Purified your heart through obedience to the truth through the Spirit' 1Pet1:22, 'You are already Clean because of the Words I have spoken to you' Jh15:3 (that abide you in by faith) You see the Point, in Scripture the 'Cleaning takes place in Conversion, not afterward, 'The Washing, Renewing and Regeneration' Titus3:5, the 'Refreshing of the spirit', Acts3:19, 'From darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God', Acts26:18, The 'Vessel scrubbed Clean', 2Tim2:21, ALMOST everyone has this Backward and that's the reason genuine regeneration is NOT taking place! You Cannot ADD to a Faith you NEVER had to begin with! It Must be a Purity based Faith BEFORE true Virtue can be evident.  
But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love. For if these things are yours and abound, you will be neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. For he who lacks these things is shortsighted, even to blindness, and has forgotten that he was cleansed from his old sins. 2Pet1:5-9


The Old man of sin and addiction is done, finished, DEAD! You are Not, 'Crucifying him daily, struggling against the sin in you or committing such sins that would disqualify you from the Kingdom' You are: 'Working out your Salvation, Making your calling Sure, Running the Race with endurance, Guarding your heart, Keeping yourself Pure, Building yourself up in your Most Holy Faith and Making yourself ready', all from a Base Purity that occurred at conversion. The 'Once for all' significance of these Passages is being almost Completely ignored by on line Pundits who Claim they teach sound Doctrine, outside the Church System. As a result their teachings are polluted with such fallacies as 'Faith alone, Substitution, Magic transfers of virtue, sin nature, gradual sanctification, the sin-confess Christian and the 1Jh1:9 cop-out easy recovery from Known willful sins. The VERY Same fabrications taught in EVERY professed Christian Church on earth! 'Contradictions falsely called Knowledge'! And I ask, 'WHAT part of PURE Don't you Understand, HOW can a heart made PURE by faith, in conversion, still be DEFILED by Sin?
'And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself as HE is PURE!' 1Jh3:3


 The effort-less Gospel

'Not of Works, Receive and Trust, Rest in His finished work and effortlessly abide. Itís the essence of the 'faith alone' gospel in which Salvation is based on the mythical notion that human effort is not required because of an inbred malady called 'sinfulness has somehow disabled man's ability to respond to simple Commands such as: 'Amend the evil of your doings, lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, cleanse your hands, purify your hearts, humble yourself in the sight of God. At best (under this notion) Repentance is Preached from the premise that man is severely 'hindered from making any positive changes in his behavior when seeking God for Salvation. Therefore an arrangement had to be made whereby he could be Saved 'not of himself but by an external operative force that 'effects (produces, brings about, provokes) Salvation in spite of his inability to respond. In that he 'Rests (assured) and believes that a new nature has been imparted to him, writing the Laws of God on his heart, which he still 'struggles to keep them because he is weak and futile in his thoughts. He 'desires to sin not, but accepts the inevitability of failure in calm assurance he has an advocate with the Father to confess and move on. Again, the 'effort is despised! Any attempt of human effort in the equation is the worse sin of all and negates the entire process by making it of 'works. So not sinning, doing what is Right, living holy is said to be 'effortless because your Old nature has been magically replaced by a New nature with the imprint of God on it. But the quandary still exists; sin is ever present in their lives even though they pass it off as the certainty of being human. (because salvation is never of human effort)

Let's examine this logically:
You can't Repent of a Nature dwelling in you no more than you repent of your gender or nationality
You can't be held accountable for being born that way, 'Sinful and Corrupt' because its not your fault
And since God effects the desire change, from evil to good, personal responsibility is not an imperative

So there's no severity of sin, as in it disqualifying you from the Kingdom, because anything you do that is not 100% focused on Christ every moment of the day is sin; proving youíre a sinner by Nature.


And that's why they teach: "When you Repent of your sin nature, He replaces it with a New Nature" (that supposedly has no more desire or appetite to sin) BUT you will still sin, since your Natural inclinations and desires are sinful, by nature; the fleeting thought, the moment of distraction, feeling of resentment or anger, twinge of fear or worry, all sin.
No worse in severity than falling back into lust, perversions, drunkenness etc, itís all the same to God.


So HOW do you Repent of a Nature: (other than 'Trust God will magically Change it from evil to good)
Since you're waiting for a Magic Desire change to come about there cannot be an actual 'Turning from specific acts of sin involved because the sin is what you are NOT what you DO! The (supposed) New Nature has to effect the desire change, effortlessly, based on your faith (trust) in Jesus. You will still sin, but not 'Continue in it because you (supposedly) love Him more than you love sin. The goal is to 'never sin, but not as an effort to gain Righteousness, only out of your affection and love for God. Having the Divine Nature doesnít mean you no longer sin but are Ďgiven the desire to not sin. So even the Ďdesire to sin less must come from God, not from the choices you make by resolving to serve Him acceptably with reverence and godly fear.


All this sounds good to the ears, a new nature, new desires, the Spirit at work, but where is the imperative to produce deeds worthy of repentance and crucify the flesh? They say that all you need is love and the rest falls into place, while its true enough in that faith worketh by love, but a faith that did not originate in faithfulness to His commands to begin with and only rests in a gratefulness for what Jesus did, will not exert the effort required to put to death the deeds of the body as directed in Rom6:4-6, because effort implies merit and that would make salvation dependent on works. The problem with this is that it puts the cart before the horse so to speak. Man has to be given a New nature BEFORE he is able to Obey God and do anything pleasing in His sight. That puts producing deeds worthy of repentance on the back burner, which is Commanded to be the FIRST act of obedience toward God through which man can be saved. 'But God be thanked that though you were slaves of sin, yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered. Rom6:16 (they canít obey from a heart that is by nature sinful) 


In Scripture the first act of faith is obedience to the truth, man is told to come and Reason with God in the act of reconciliation, meaning what is agreeable to logic and reason must be done before he can expect to be forgiven of his past sins and returned to favor; as in: 'Laying aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, amend his ways, producing deeds worthy of repentance, vehemently changing his desires with fear and zeal, cleansing himself of all guile and deceit and empty his heart of double-minded motives', NOT to make himself Holy (save himself) But as an act of obedience toward God in all humility as his 'reasonable service. When you make man unable to do these things (as commanded) due to some nature dwelling in him, you render true Redemption impossible.

This is why they 'receive rather than repent, 'trust rather than 'Obey and NEVER Stop sinning, even with their New Nature. The desire change has to come from within; God cannot and will not override manís will, only you can make the necessary change required to be reconciled.


Theyíre told you come to Jesus admitting youíre a sinner and Ďdesiring to sin no more, then they say that He supposedly gives you the desire to stop by changing your nature from naughty to nice. But the predicament remains; 

they still have a problem with sin! And by sin, they mean ĎANY sin; (since they wonít make a distinction) Because they didnít repent of anything specific, like porn watching, drunkenness, fornication, etc, nothing they continue to do has much of an impact on their conscience toward convicting them of wrong doing. Thatís why the sin nature myth is the perfect recipe to sear your conscience with a hot iron. (Itís always the ready excuse for ongoing sins)


Wouldn't it stand to reason that a person has to know what they are repenting of before they can forsake the things

God hates? When Jonah told the people of Nineveh to repent they didn't wait around for God to give them a New Nature to magically change their desires from evil to good. They ceased the evil of their doings and went humbly before God seeking His mercy. Any number of scriptural incidents can be sighted here; Zacchaeus the tax collector made amends for all his wrong doing BEFORE He came to Jesus seeking reconciliation, the Prodigal rose up OUT of the Pig Pen and then went to the Father seeking His forgiveness. John the Baptist told everyone to Produce Deeds WORTHY of Repentance before their past sins could be remitted. Jesus told His disciples to preach Repentance for Remission. And throughout the book of Acts this theme followed, people didnít just Ďreceive Jesus or ask God for a New nature, they came form darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God through repentance and faith proven by deeds. The point is that the people who heard the message of repentance and faith understood the specifics and that it meant forsaking their wrong doings and ridding themselves of everything in their life that offends God.


They didnít look for excuses to keep on sinning or run around parroting ĎIf I say I have no sin, I lie and know not the truthí, or argued in favor of a sin nature. You didnít hear anyone saying Ďno one is perfect, we all sin, Judge not, its not of works, and they didnít accuse the Righteous of sin. In contrast the sin nature crowd says all these things and more in direct opposition to the bible and MOST professed Christians canít see it or just donít care one way or the other, claiming that it doesnít matter what someone believes as long as they Ďbelieve in Jesus.


Lastly let's Clarify the 'He will give you a New Heart issue', Ezk33:26-27, there no doubt that a Renewing of the mind takes place in Regeneration, 'Washing, Renewing and Regeneration' Tit3:7, the 'Eyes of the Understanding are miraculously opened to a new Spiritual realm. Its much more than the a desire change, itís a radical transformation that renovates the entire human being from top to bottom. Although he continues to live in his 'mortal body (fleshly coil) he now does so 'crucified with Christ. (Gal2:20) The great difficulty people have understanding this today is based on the fallacy of a Sin Nature dwelling in man's flesh that makes him a sinner 'by nature. They understand the desires must change but put the entire process on God (faith alone) to Magically give them a new nature that 'desires to sin not. Whereas the process is that man must FIRST put forth the effort in humble repentance to get clear of his wrong doings and empty himself of all guile and deceit. In this he is 'MAKING himself a new heart (or let's say a prepared heart, Ezk18:31, Prov16:1, Lk8:15) so God is able to introduce the Spirit into a Vessel FIT for His use. He is NOT making himself 'holy, as the sin nature crowd claims, but there has to be a Scrubbing and Cleansing take place before an actual regeneration can occur to complete the job. And that's what they ALL deny!


It's really very simple, its not man doing it all by himself, or God doing it all, BUT the concept they all seem to hate of 'Working Together' 'Synergy, a scientific term defining the Physics of God's universal creation, that the creation of a whole is the sum of its parts! In other words Regeneration Cannot take place unless two things occur simultaneously, man Doing his part and God responding. So if you eliminate the laying aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, the casting away of all transgressions, the amending of wrong doings, the self-cleansing humility of repentance there will be no New heart given, because it cannot happen without Synergy involved. James2:22,

Faith, Pistis, that worked in tandem, Synergeo, with his effort; ergon-works, resulted in Justification and was imputed as Righteousness! Man can't Regenerate himself, but he can clear himself of all things that offend God in the act of repentance. Sin Nature says he can't do anything and if he makes any effort whatsoever, he's trying to self-Justify, make himself holy, sinless and perfect without Jesus Ö. ALL Lies, stupid straw man assumptions that people buy because they want the easy way out to escape their responsibility to come clean. Such backward philosophy doesn't work in any other endeavor in human life except religion. Those who don't put forth the effort to succeed in life are losers and dead-beats, but in fake Christianity they are Chief theologians, scholars and notable church goers.