The Purpose of the Commandment


Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith, from which some, having strayed, have turned aside to idle talk, 1Tim1:5-6


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be presented from the Premise of: ‘Righteousness, Self-Control and the Judgment to Come’. Reconciliation to God can only take place through ‘Repentance and Faith PROVEN by Deeds’, Not by ‘Trusting in the finished Work of Christ or that His Virtue (Righteousness) was preformed as a Substitute for your unrighteousness or that He Paid your due penalty Sin by becoming Sin and suffering the Wrath of God on the Cross. Putting your faith in these things WILL NOT Produce:

Sincerity; faithfulness to God’s Commands, Purity of heart and Love for God, hatred for sin’


Christ is NOT Your Righteousness: ‘He who DOES what is Right is Righteous 1Jh3:7’
Christ did NOT Obey in your place: ‘
If you love Me, KEEP My Commandments’Jh14:15

Christ is NOT going to Save you first & Clean you up later: ‘Cleanse yourself!’ Js1:21-22


Entire Premise of Gospel today is:
You are Defective in some manner: ‘Sin nature, corrupted flesh

You’re not Able to DO anything Right; (if able could save self, not need Jesus)

Jesus Did it all for you on the Cross and Will Do it all for you after you receive Him
You cannot Stop Sinning, Cleanse yourself, make yourself a new heart, produce deeds worthy

Thus: ‘Christians need to Know what they have in Christ and tap into His Promises enabling them to live the abundant life. They are to do this from the Premise that its all BEEN DONE and what they are now doesn’t matter (sinners, wretched man, filthy rags, chief of sinners) and all they need to do is realize they are fully forgiven and have everything at their disposal to jump for Joy. Then everything will be hunky- dory in the Church. But the Problem is that NONE of this is being done from the Premise of:Sincerity, Purity and Love’ in the sense that those supposedly ‘tapping into Christ have NEVER been:
Cleansed, Purged and Purified in Repentance proven by deeds


What 1Tim1:5 is saying is that the Gospel PRODUCES sincerity of faith, purity of heart and love for God! The Preaching of Repentance and Faith Proven by Deeds brings about Converts ‘Washed, Regenerated and Renewed in Christ with the flesh (evil passions and desires) Crucified and the heart Obedient. From the ‘He Did it for you’ premise there is NO: ‘Cleansing, Purging or Purity of heart’ because the supposed Convert is told that Christ will do this for them and what they are now doesn’t matter. So while they WAIT for it to happen they are further hardened in their Sin and given assurance that all is well because: ‘No one is Perfect, you can’t Judge and it’s not of works’


That’s why you will NEVER hear any of these Pundits say:
Faith is Faithfulness, Fidelity and Obedience to God, (synonymous)

Righteousness is DOING what is Right by this faithfulness
This faith Works by Love, Purifies the heart of sin and has Victory over sin, flesh, devil

Faith also Upholds and Establishes the Law because he who Loves God KEEPS His Commandments
Christ is your Example to Follow, NOT you Substitute

And you will be JUDGED according to your DEEDS Done in Faith at the end

So if you fail to Add to your faith, Keep yourself Pure, Obey God you will NOT inherit the Kingdom

Because Christ is NOT going to DO it for you, nor will Trusting in what He has Done suffice.


God Speaks to man from the Premise of: ‘Accountability, Responsibility, and free will Ability

Man’s Perverted Gospel speaks from premise of: ‘Inability, what has been Done for you and what Will be Done after you have been Saved in your sins; Which equals: No Accountability, irresponsibility and lawless behavior. Essentially they are Casting the Pearls of God’s Promises to SWINE!

Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts4:12


Can a person be genuinely ‘Saved by the ‘Receive Jesus, He did it all, Trust in Him’ Gospel, under which they are taught man is born with a sinful nature, incapable of a righteous act and ANY effort he puts forth to please God is the filthy rags of self-righteousness? Can people be brought to true Redemption under the ‘Spirit of error be filled with the ‘Spirit of Truth, and then remain amidst the System of error?


They Claim that when a Person is ‘Saved he is now indwelled by the Holy Spirit who will assist him in his futile attempts to stop sinning and do what is Right, although due to his ‘sinful nature’ he will often fail, fall short and repeat his patterns of sin. But he is already forgiven by what Christ has done for him on the Cross and must continually Trust in this arrangement while the ‘Spirit is working on him to ‘sin less and obey more. However in the Bible the Holy Spirit Convicts the world of Sin, Righteousness and Judgment in order to convince them they Must Stop sinning and Come Clean with God in repentance. Then as a Vessel FIT for the Master’s use the Regenerate Soul will be filled and lead ALL Truth.

No Where does it say that the Holy Spirit Will:
Change your desires, Clean you up gradually, Turn your unwillingness into willingness

Take anything away from you that you do NOT Will to give up by your own Choice
Make you a New Heart or make you willing to Obey God


In Reality this is like asking: ‘Can a person who has Never been Cleansed, Purged and Purified in Repentance Proven by Deeds be Regenerated and filled with the Spirit or have any genuine spiritual discernment between the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error. (IMPOSSIBLE according to Scripture)

Even if the Pundit uses Scriptural terminology and tells them they must ‘Repent and be Baptized to be Saved, without the Proper Clarification of what it means to Come Clean with God in repentance, they will end up in the same darkened condition WAITING on God to do something miraculous and Change them from naughty to nice. Hence all the sin management programs, books, rallies and rhetoric instructing the ‘Christians how to tap into the abundant life of no worries and unconditional Love!


In the Bible its ‘Darkness or Light, Sin or Righteousness, Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, there is no sliding scale. Jesus said either the Tree is Producing Good Fruit or Bad Fruit, there is no ‘little bit of each, Either MAKE the Tree Good and its Fruit Good or hewn it down and Cast it into the fire. Matt12:33-37

The Pundits are saying you can Produce BOTH good and bad fruit because your born defective and a work in progress, but your still Forgiven because of what Jesus did on the Cross.

ALL diametrically opposed to what Jesus said:
You Cannot Serve Two Masters, You Cannot be Double-Minded, The Eyes must be Single and the FRUIT Must be Good! So how can someone sinning daily, a self-professed wretch with a desperately wicked heart be Regenerate and Filled with the Spirit of Truth? AND how can someone professing to be Spirit Filled (genuinely saved) SIT under this mess allowing the Strongholds of error to remain in tact and Lacking the discernment to ‘hear in what Manner the fallacies are being presented.

Jesus said ‘Take heed in what MANNER you are hearing the things that are being said’ Lk8:18, in other words ‘Perception is everything. People Sit for years in the Churches; ‘Seeing, hearing and claiming to understand, YET they Perceive nothing, See nothing in the pages of Scripture set before their eyes and don’t have a single Clue they have been ensnared by the spirit of error leading them straight into the Pit! You go in among them with the ‘Truth (or so you think) and STILL cannot Perceive when the Preacher is Mixing Substitution, the magic transfer and lack of human ability into his message, then turn around and call it Sound Teaching because it contained Biblical terminology, WHAT does that say as to the Condition of your own heart or your so-called ability to help others escape the snare? Giving you the benefit of a timeframe in which to learn how to unravel these fallacies and the instruction of those who have gone before and learned if the Spirit of truth is really present, you should be willing and eager to proceed.

And no matter what the Cost of personal relationships or exposure of once considered ‘favorite Pundits as false teachers or ANYTHING that may result in you standing alone against the System of error, you must move forward or risk falling prey to the error of the wicked and grieving away the Spirit. Remember a ‘Little Leaven leavens the WHOLE Lump’, a basic fundamental error in the presentation of Redemption nullifies the Power of the Gospel to Release man from the corruption of Sin through repentance proven by deeds. AND we are dealing with Monumental fallacies of extreme deception, PLUS an Army of Pundits preaching and teaching them 24/7 across the entire globe.


Can you really take the time to toy with trifles, debating whether or not so and so Pundit is a Sound teacher when its more than obvious they have NEVER Counted the Cost or parted ways with the System of error, burned their former credentials and are now rebuking the Church, exposing the errors and standing firm in the truth. AGAIN, where is your discernment, if the Spirit really dwells in you! I know we’re dealing with Wolves in Sheep’s clothing, BUT have you yet known how to identity the Language of the Dragon when you hear it! I fear many ‘claim to know but don’t know because they keep making the SAME mistakes over and over again and in lack of willingness to be corrected they give way to tolerance in the name of love. But love does not rejoice in iniquity only Truth and their doctrines promote lawlessness.


Even before I could answer every objection the Pundits could throw at me as another excuse for sin, I KNEW they’re teaching was in error and I also knew that the professed Church around me was in darkness and sin. I say this, not as a boast, but to illustrate how the Spirit of Truth when truly in you will indeed lead you into all truth and give you proper discernment if you yield to His influence. I had yet to unravel all their theology and root out the long entrenched errors they loved, but through my basic understanding of Redemption, Repentance, Faith and Obedience to God I could DISCERN between those serving Christ and those self-deceived. HOW?By their Fruits you shall know them!’ I saw very little Faithfulness to God’s Commands, Purity of heart, Sincerity toward Christ to serve Him with reverence and godly fear. It didn’t require a degree in theology to recognize the obvious and the things they said, the Pundits they followed and their general behavior reflected the moral condition of the professing body.


So ask yourself, is NOT the Condition of present day professing Christianity a sordid combination of Corrupted, Dead and Lukewarm, generally ‘wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Sin is rampant in every realm of our society; morals are at an all time low, lawlessness everywhere! YET nearly three quarters of the population professes to some form of Christianity and believes they are have God’s complete approval and blessing. These are people hopelessly addicted to pornography, drunkenness, gluttonous, every form of perversion imaginable, cannot be trusted, molesters of children, spouse abusers, adulterers, inventers of evil things, lovers of vain amusements, greedy for money, proud and ungodly. EVERYTHING and more as described in 2Tim3:1-5, ALL with a ‘form of godliness’ but denying the Power of a godly life because everyone is a Professed; ‘Sinners saved by grace!


NO ONE can tell me there’s a Single Pundit in this System of Shame who comprehends the depths to which it has fallen. Nor do they have a CLUE that the vast majority of the professed are lost and in Great Darkness! (Matt6:23) If they did we would be seeing them in sack cloth and ashes crying out to God for Mercy, as the people of Nineveh, hoping that PERHAPS He would relent and turn away from His fierce Judgment they fittingly deserve for preaching and teaching a Gospel of magic covers, sin nature and excuses to sin. They most certainly would NOT be running around telling funny stories and little antidotes to sooth their conscience while they come to realize their full potentials in Christ, under the feel good, easy forgiveness message. It’s NOT that they are Lost in their sins, wholly deceived and in darkness, it’s rather they have yet to cash in on the riches they have in Christ and learn to experience greater Joy and assurance as His blessed Children. The Prophets wept for the people’s sins, Paul warned them night and day with tears. The heart of the Righteous is made sad by these lies abounding all around. These smooth talking showman Pundits are applauded and admired by the masses, spoken well of in the media. NO one is Cut to the heart in conviction of sin, no one is falling on their face before God and crying out for mercy and our general society only gets worse and less godly. There is no awakening taking place, only more deception.

IF we just went out and Presented the Gospel as it was preached in the Book of Acts our Message would be Simply: ‘Repent and be Baptized and PROVE your repentance by your Deeds’ We would argue from the Premise of ‘Righteousness, Self-Control and the Judgment to come, based on the free will ability of man to respond accordingly and come clean with God in sincere repentance. There would be no mention of the finished work of Christ, Trusting in His blood, magic transfers of His Virtue when you believe or defectiveness of man’s nature. If you wished to call their method Pinpoint Evangelism the central focal point of that pin would be OBEY what God has Commanded or Perish in your sins!


The Doctrine ‘disache’ (teaching, instruction) according to godliness, 1Tim1:6, was based on the ‘Wholesome Words of Jesus Christ, 2Jh7-10. It’s Purpose, as Stated: ‘Sincerity, Purity and Love’,
NOTHING in the ‘wholesome words of Christ had anything to do with ‘theological assumptions of Substitution, Moral transfers or faith alone. NO WHERE in Christ’s Doctrine (teaching) can you find anything mentioned about a ‘sinful nature that hinders man from obeying His Commands. Nor did He say that trusting in His Righteousness would ‘Cover your sins because you’re incapable of a righteous act. His simply said that; ‘If ANYONE Will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his Cross and follow Me!’ This is recorded at least Seven times in three Gospels: Matt10:34-39, 16:24-28, Mk9:34-38, 10:21, Lk9:23-27, 14:17, 15:17. Since John said that if everything Jesus taught and did were to be written down it would require more books than exited in the world of his day, Jh21:25, therefore we can rightly assume that if something He said is written down several times and repeated again and again by His followers, it MUST be the fundamental bases of the Doctrine He came to teach. So WHY isn’t it the bases of the ‘gospel we hear preached today? WHY is the gospel: Trust, repeat after me, receive Jesus, admit you’re a sinner, confess


Jesus said NONE of these things, rather He said: ‘Count the Cost, Dig deep, Put your hand to the Plow and never look back, Strive to enter the Narrow Gate, lose your life in this world, Go and Sin no more, and love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. He Never said that the Righteous requirements of the Law would be abolished by His death on the Cross. Rather the Law would be ESTABLISHED in faithfulness to God! Rom3:31. And Righteousness would be revealed also in the Faithfulness and fidelity of those who actually do Take up their Cross, die to self and OBEY Him to the end. Rom1:17


So again, IF we simply went out and Preached this Gospel as it appears in the pages of Scripture, we wouldn’t have a multitude of professing Christians running around parroting ridiculous clichés about sin natures, magic transfers and excuses to sin, AND we wouldn’t have an Army of so-called Bible Pundits backing them up with empty Promises useless rhetoric and senseless theology. But like Elijah, those of us faithful to His Gospel Stand as ‘One against thousands in the midst of a world given over to doctrines of demons, the depths of Satan and the Language of the Dragon resounding from the Pulpits. So is the Gospel: ‘Just Believe, be Baptized, babble in tongues, magic signs and wonders, vain theology that explains away any Purpose toward Serving God ??? OR:


to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.’ Acts26:18, in order that they can ESCAPE the Corruption that is in the world through lust! 2Pet1:3-4