And on some have compassion, making a distinction; but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh. Jude22-23

The failure of those in the past to Pull down the long ingrained Strongholds keeping the establishment Church in bondage was two fold. First they refused to break ties with the apostate Church, although they recognized it was apostate and in desperate need of renewal they RETAINED the old theologies that brought about the falling away to begin with. And Second: the opposing forces within the System were far too great to overcome by merely defining some of the finer points of Doctrine and imagining the establishment would somehow adopt a straighter path in the process.

They failed to ‘Make a distinction in other words; they failed to ‘discriminate between the sheep and the goats. They could not discern the state of ruin to which the professing church had fallen. Not that they lacked the compassion to do something about it, they just could not yet recognize the Scope of what they were up against and how far gone the situation had become. So their efforts were ‘wood, hay and stubble generally without purpose and had very little effect on the overall condition of the Churches, where the System would not allow the Truth to get in the way of their ingrained beliefs. Throughout the reformation into the 20th Century this pattern of failure continued because the Pundits that cared enough to assault the ever worsening apostasy did so by fighting corruption with corruption.

What I mean is this: ‘You cannot expect people who have been taught for generations they are ‘born in sin and Saved in sin, to suddenly ‘RULE OVER IT because you’re giving them a better understanding of the Bible. They have far TOO many alternatives written into their doctrinal creeds to suddenly scrape all they’ve been taught and firmly believe is truth just because of something the past holiness Pundits may have said in their books and lectures. I’m NOT saying these men (and others) weren’t sincere in their attempts to awaken the sleeping masses! But what I am saying is they went about it from a FLAWED perspective. You cannot ask people to stop sinning and live holy who have been taught they’re defective from birth and such teaching has been cemented into their minds by your own words!

I did not see the significance of this in years past and also believed that the ‘Church could be awakened by  a return to moral foundations expressed in Scripture. Although I did not hold to the Reformed bias of moral depravity and Substitution that most of the book writers retained, I still had yet to see the level to which these doctrines had contributed to the overall System of error we were trying to combat. That’s why in order to Contend effectively against the errors you must Cut ties with the System entirely, abandon all their theology and Start anew on the Solid foundation of Christ.

Remember Paul said: For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Chris 1Cor3:11 If we Build on this foundation from the Premise of: moral depravity, Substitution, imputed righteousness, faith alone, pre-forgiveness of sin (and a number of other fallacies) we will suffer the lose of our efforts and in many cases eternal ruin if we allow complacency to lead us into the error of the wicked. As I said you cannot fight ‘Corruption with Corruption’, meaning you cannot pull down these long standing STRONGHOLDS in people’s minds while your message is still laced with the same errors that brought them to ruin to begin with!

HOW can you expect to reach people entrenched in these errors when YOU retain them in your teaching, Or when you infiltrate your web site with theology from the Reformation and endorse other ministries that teach Corruption of Nature and human inability! I can only conclude that you are still being BLOWN by every WIND of Doctrine and have yet to discern Truth from Error. If you truly desire to ‘Pull some out of the fire’, then you MUST be able to also ‘Make a Distinction’ between those teaching a Sound Message of Repentance and those preaching from a FLAWED premise moral depravity in its many forms. Settle it in your mind now and unravel these errors that are keeping multitudes in bondage to their sins!


1) MAN IS NOT: ‘Born Dead in his Sins. His Nature becomes Corrupt by a Progression of evil doing, but he retains the ability to CHOOSE between right and wrong in his unregenerate state. His Will is exclusively free and it is within his ability to RULE OVER his evil desires and come to God for Reconciliation through repentance and faith PROVEN by deeds.

2) GOD DOES NOT: ‘Have to Change man’s desires or make him willing to repent before he is able to Obey from his heart and Come clean in broken humility. The first act of Faith is Obedience from the heart!

3) REPENTANCE IS NOT A GIFT: ‘Mercy and Grace is the GIFT of God for Remission of Past Sins, the Sinner presenting himself a ‘living Sacrifice in repentance receives Pardon and Empowerment in exchange for his godly sorrow observable as ‘humility, confession, forsaking sin and obedience! God is doing all He can do to Draw man to Himself, Convict him of sin and offer Him redemption. Man’s part is to respond by making the choice to obey or refuse God’s offer.

4) PEOPLE MUST BE FULLY PERSUADED: ‘They have the ability within themselves to Come Clean with God in repentance, Rule over their evil desires and Seek to be Reconciled. They must understand that they are 100% Accountable and Responsible to God for their sins and that its their own CHOICE to make the effort to STOP sinning by a Willful determination in their minds to do what is Right and follow Christ. If you allow them to come to Christ under the assumption that God is going to clean them up later or change their desires by some magic intervention, they will NEVER escape the corruption and bondage of sin and be trapped in a vicious cycle of sin-confess until it leads them to utter despair and they give up trying.

5) The Human Will is what is in Bondage under the fallacy of inbred corruption. Until that Stronghold is defeated true redemption will be impossible and the sin will never stop. As long as a person ‘believes they lack the ability to obey God and stop sinning they will use that as they excuse to sin. It was for this VERY reason that the past Pundits failed to make a sufficient impact against the System of error and thought there was a redeeming value within the system to keep trying. If you retain any trace of their errors you repeat the process of failure and your continued efforts will be wood, hay and stubble. ‘Pulling some out of the fire’ means hating even our garment to be defiled by the flesh, or to be in a broader sense: allowing our message to be tainted with a mixture of flawed theology, that boils down if man could do anything RIGHT he could Save himself and wouldn’t need Jesus, so he’s STRIPPED of his natural ability to obey God.

Moral Depravity and Corrupted Nature  (how can he by Nature obey, Reason, amend, forsake)
Imputed Righteousness (transferred Virtue, magic cover of sinfulness)
Substitution in any form (why obey if He obeyed in your place)

You CANNOT tell people they are Depraved in Nature and can’t do anything Right (lest they save self) and then expect them to STOP Sinning and do what is Right by turning from Sin to God in Repentance! HOW can they make a WILLING Choice to stop sinning when EVERYTHING they do is Wrong? ANY choice they make is from their ‘Corrupted Nature and suspect of selfishness. So NO ONE can have an: ‘Honest and Willing’ heart, unless God MAKES them Willing. BUT unless man makes himself WILLING to Change, he NEVER Will and God is NOT going to force him!

Unfortunately the people who promote these age old theologies of human inability THINK they’ve been taught of the Spirit, when their Doctrines are nothing more than a rehashed and revised Version of the SAME MYTHS that have kept man in bondage to his sin for Centuries.