State of Emergency!


The Habitation of Demons and every foul spirit! (Rev18:2) That is what the Modern Day church has become. United wholly with the corrupted world system and drunk with the wine of fornications and luxury. False Prophets control the Platforms and FEW are preaching True Repentance and Faith Proven by deeds. Worst of all, everything APPEARS to be fine and dandy because the people love to have it so! Like the Churches in Revelation, they are completely unaware what the Spirit is saying to them about their conduct. They are rich and increased with goods, in need of nothing, but in reality Wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked.


What we have done is use their own tactics against them to expose what’s behind this colossal mess and moral decay. By Stealth we have BROKEN through their Code and discovered what they are REALLY Preaching and teaching. In our Videos, we examine this crisis in detail and show the vivid reality of how far they have descended into the depths of Satan. We solicited their comments anonymously from a cross section of present day churches. They are all ‘Legitmate’ remarks made by church leaders from across the United States.  Unless you hold to the Lie they are preaching, this should serve as a Wake up Call to the church that its LONG PAST time for Sackcloth and ashes. God help you see how far GONE the system has become. The Acid test is in the following question we sent out World-Wide.


We asked:

Does a Child Molester have to STOP molesting children to Receive Christ?


You asked: “If a person is a child molester does he have to stop molesting children in order to receive Jesus?”

My answer:  Absolutely not. A person does not need to stop anything, start anything, or do anything at all to have God or Jesus in their life.  It is just the opposite.  Rather than stopping molesting in order to receive Jesus, it is receiving Jesus in order to stop molesting.


I would go even further:  God is already in that person’s life, no matter who they are or what they have done.. The Spirit is already there. Jesus is already at work. What is needed is spiritual growth to the point where our harmful practices can be overcome and healed.

Letting Jesus into our lives begins to change us from the inside out.  As we surrender ourselves to God, the Spirit gives all of us, including the molester strength and healing. This is helped by spiritual practices, therapy, Christian community, good teaching, and some healthy relationship with adults who know the problem.  Our salvation is not dependent  on behaving a certain way. We are saved not because of what we do but because God loves us and would not do anything else but save us.

Of course God wants us to stop hurting children or anyone, but that is not a prerequisite for being loved by God or being saved. Every child molester is loved and treasured by God. Just like a good mother or father treasures their children no matter what kind of trouble they get into.  They still love them – and they want to help them get out of trouble. 'Pastor Paul.


Thanks for your email.  Child molestation is a sexual sin like others and a person can be a Christian and still sin in this way.  But God demands that we work to rid our lives of sin, if this is your struggle let’s talk so we can get you some help to work through this struggle and so God can deliver you.  Praying for you, Pastor


These first two comments are extreme. It’s difficult to believe ANYONE would say such a thing, especially a supposed man of God. The most heinous of sins and they STILL can’t say you must Repent and Forsake it. Only that God will take you ‘in process’ and change you later! Think about it. You can come to the Lord ‘raping babies!!’ What kind of Salvation is this? NONE at all! But it’s what these preachers are peddling.

God help them wake up before it’s too late. 



 Jesus came to save the lost. He will accept anyone, anytime (Rev. 3:20) However, once a person receives
 the Holy Spirit, he is sealed and will be a slave to righteousness.(Eph.1:13; 2 Cor. 5:17) This does not
 mean that he/she will be perfect, but it does mean that the new person will be enlightened and you will
 (or should) have a harder time with perpetual sin. Child molestation is a very serious offense in civil
 law and biblically (Matt 18:5-7). If someone is a "Christian" and still finding themselves wanting to
 molest children or slipping with this sin, they should expose it to a respected church leader and to the
 authorities. God will still love them, but there are consequences. Hope this helps,
 Mark D'Ambrosio (asst. Pastor)


To answer your question...
 I think you can ask Jesus into your heart while still engaging in behavior  that does not honor the love of Christ.  By becoming a Christian and  following in the Way of Christ (loving God, loving neighbor, loving  self -- allowing the fruits of the spirit to live within you -- love, joy,  peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness,  self-control), you will find it increasingly difficult to behave in ways
 that harm  yourself and others. I hope this helps.
 Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church


Of course God will accept anyone, but on HIS TERMS, not yours! The criterion is Repentance PROVEN By Deeds. Flee His Wrath and Plead for Mercy! (Acts2:37-40) NO ONE who comes to God in this manner, Broken and contrite, through godly sorrow and a zealousness to clear themselves of all wrong doing is going to ‘Still’ want to Molest Children! You Don’t come out of this kind of Sin by Degree. You FORSAKE it or LOSE your soul!



In regard to your question, molestation is a serious problem.  It may also include addictive behavior of some kind.  You question could also be asked, "Do we have to stop sinning to be loved by God?"  I think not.  I am always going to be sinning.  However, if a person knowingly is harming others in this manner, there are serious considers where society must step in.

Grace, Tom


There is nothing that a person can do to make God stop loving them. They have always have been and always will be a beloved child of God. However, receiving Jesus and following the Way of Christ means that we behave as Christ would behave. Christ would not molest a child, therefore, followers of Christ should not molest children. From your e-mail I have no way of knowing if you or the person you are concerned about are in the Boise area. We have excellent counseling opportunities. Look for help; even if the person has tried counseling in the past, try again. Be fully assured that God will never desert or turn God's back on any person struggling with an addiction. But living with an addiction is not what God had planned for this person's life. Our prayer team will hold you/your friend in prayer this week.

Grace, Pastor Sandi


God fully expects you to STOP SINNING! “Go and sin no more! Lest a worse thing come upon you!” Jn5:14. That’s what Repentance is for. TO CLEAR you of the wrong doing, Purge your conscience of the sin, Purify the heart and make it FIT for the Holy Spirit to indwell. He who sins is of the devil! So if you are ‘always’ going to go on sinning, WHO is your father? (Jh8:44) Jesus Loved the Rich young man too, (Mk10:21) But he went away unapproved because he refused to yield his heart. Sin is NOT an Addiction! It MUST be Repented of to be forgiven, and that includes an abandonment of the Vile Behavior.



The whole thing isn't about sin as much as it is about redemption, but it also isn't a license to continue in the life style that we lived before Christ (Romans 6)  By that I mean to continue with no repentance and no attempt to turn from the things from which we have been redeemed.
So the answer is yes, a child molester can be forgiven without doing anything, but that same one, who enters into God's redemption will in turn live under the new paradigm of God's kingdom. Does that mean that he will not struggle with those things of which we talk?  No, he will.  But in Christ we are new creations and in humility we seek to walk in righteousness. Has this made sense to you?  Peace, Kelley 



WHERE in Scripture was ANYONE forgiven of sin WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING? Show me! This pastor is nuts. You see how the Voidance of Preaching Repentance leads to a Total Corruption of the Gospel? To these people the Gospel is merely God winking at our iniquities and forgiving us in advance! It’s Hogwash from start to finish.



Dear Whoever you are, No, but if a person really does accept Jesus and starts following Jesus, he/she will not continue indefinitely to molest children, rob banks, take crack cocaine, look at pornography, drink alcohol to excess, commit adultery, lie, etc.  I John 4.9 says that whosoever is born of God does not CONTINUE in sin.  However, that said, we must also remember that we are to repent of sin as we receive the gift of salvation through Christ (Mk. 1.15)  I think a sinner, just as I am and you are, must start to make a break with our sinful past and trust God to help us stop all those egregious things we did before we started to be Jesus' faithful followers.  Some sins are a lot harder to break than others, just like some addictions are never fully healed, but with God's help we can get the day-to-day victory!  Paul said that "God's strength is perfected in weakness so that when I am weak, then I am strong."  I hope this helps. Pastor Dan,  


No, you don't have to stop molesting children to receive Christ.  You need the one who can heal and transform your life to deal with those types of issues.  Once someone has received Christ they are responsible to respond in obedience to Christ even when there urges are to do things that are wrong.  The urges are not the sin, the thinking and response to the urge is where the critical battle is fought. 

In Christ,  David Rice


Here the sin Continues in Both Directions. One guy says you won’t go on sinning indefinitely, the other says you DON’T have to Stop molesting children. Can you Imagine the Apostle Paul saying something like this? But these guys preach it as truth! They sugar coat it with talk about ‘healing’, ‘transformation’, ‘starting to make a break’…but its all Code for: ‘The Sin NEVER STOPS!’ If you Don’t have to Stop to Receive Christ, then WHEN will you? Ask the Scorned wife if her unfaithful husband has to Stop his adulterous affair when he comes to her seeking Mercy. It’s no Different with God.  



No, a person does not have to stop any sin in order to receive Jesus. If we had to be perfect, He would receive no one. The Bible says, "Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Call on Him, and you will be saved.  From a church


’Any sin!’ WHERE Does it say such a thing in the Bible? Again, he raises the cop-out remark, ‘If we had to be perfect!’ In CODE this means he knows NOTHING about real Repentance and faith. Even the passage he sited is Way off the mark. ‘Call on Him and be saved’  Yes, Call on Him out of a broken and contrite heart, with earnest zeal, pleading for Mercy! Not repeat after me and go your merry way.



Next Question:

If a person is addicted to pornography, does he have to stop in order to become a Christian? Thanks, Dan.



I believe that God loves everyone. The Bible says it I believe that God accepts us as is.  The Bible says HE does. I believe no matter what we are doing God then takes us IN PROCESS to wherever HE wants us to be.  The Bible says it.  Pastor Forrest,


Thanks for your question
The truth is, a person does not have to stop his sin (whatever it may be- whether a person struggles with homosexuality, gossip, greed, drug addiction, etc.) before coming to God.  On the contrary, God loves and
accepts everyone just as we are- no strings attached.  Once a person comes to God- He does the work to change a person's life from the inside out. I hope this helps. You are always welcome at our church.  I hope that you would feel comfortable talking with pastor such as myself personally- you would not be turned away. Sincerely,   Nathan, Glad Tidings Church



WHERE does it Show in Acts that the Apostles went to the unregenerate heathen world and told them God loves everybody no matter what they do? They told them to FLEE His Wrath and REPENT of their sins! NOT they could come ‘in process’ of those sins with ‘no strings’ attached. The Change happens in Repentance, not afterward. You Don’t come to the Lord still attached to your pornography or anything else vile and disgusting. Just as you wouldn’t ask your wife to live in the same house with your girl friend, waiting for your ‘desires’ to change. God will not accept such terms either. The world may call sin an ‘addiction’ and try to profit by weaning you off of it, but God calls it sin. And the wedges of sin is death!


No, it is only with the power of Christ that we can undergo lasting change. He loves us so that He can help us change, He does not change us first in order to make us loveable. Pastor


 Good Morning:  God loves you exactly as you are. He created you to have fellowship with Him.  Any addiction can be overcome through guidance and assistance.  All God asks is for you to ask Him to come and live within your heart.  After you become a Christian, you possess the Holy Spirit that guides and directs you.  I am certain at that time that you will see the pornography for what it is and no longer want it to be part of your life.

Very simply, Billy Graham has always said; “God loves you as a sinner and wants to have fellowship with you.  Just simply ask Him to come into your life and reside in your heart. He will then direct your path.”

Ask this prayer.  Father, I know that I am a sinner.  I ask to the best of my knowledge for you to come and reside in my heart.  I love you and want to live for you.  Thank you for sending Jesus Christ your Son to die on the cross for my salvation. Amen.

If you prayed that prayer, than send me back an email and I will be happy to chat more.  Blessings,  bob

Bob Roberts

Minister of Springfield

Second Baptist Church


These guys have it in Reverse! In Real Repentance the Heart experiences a radical and lasting change. Faith WORKING By Love kicks in to cleanse and purity the soul and THEN the Holy Spirit can indwell. So the CHANGE takes place, at Initial Salvation, ‘all things become new!’ The Old man passes away, dies with Christ. (in genuine Salvation, not the repeat after me garbage) These guys, including Graham, have NO IDEA Whatsoever about true Repentance and Faith. To them you are practically saved already! You just haven’t acknowledged Jesus yet.




If the question is, “Can God save someone who is addicted to pornography, just as he is (in his addicted state)?”, the answer is, YES. We don’t “clean up our act” before we come to Christ.  We come as we are – repentant sinners, trusting in Christ.

Bill Baer

Minister of Pastoral Care and

USA/Missouri Missions Minister

Second Baptist Church


No, but he needs to get help with his addiction.  There are a lot of ways to find help that will keep a person away from pornography.  We even have a class during The Gathering that deals with this issue.  Pastor Ray knows about this class. 

Pastor Bob


There’s a simple remedy for this so-called addiction of pornography or lust. CRUCIFY IT with your passions and desires or it will SEND you Straight into hell! These people are NOT Preaching the Bible. Scripture says without question that ANYONE DOING these kind of things WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God! (Eph5:5-7, 1Cor6:9-10) These preachers will tell you those passages don’t apply somehow and keep you addicted to your sin. (Just like Peter said they would! 2Pet2:18) What do you think ‘Promise Keepers’ and all the rest of it is all about? Selling Books, Tapes, CD’s, ect and KEEP you coming back for more! They will NEVER tell anyone to REPENT of these things to be saved, because you’re already’ saved in their mind. They are leading you down the Wide Road to Destruction and you love every minute of it!





In the interest of time and space, we could not possibly include all the answers we received to these questions. Therefore we have selected these as an EXAMPLE of what came in. The Response condoning this activity was nearly Unanimous among the churches. NO ONE said that the person involved in any of these sins had to REPENT and FORSAKE such things BEFORE Coming to Christ! Always AFTER.


(Which speaks volumes of the present day mess in our churches and society as a whole)


As you can see from the answers above God Accepts you as a Child Molester, Adulterer, Fornicator, Drunkard, lair and all around degenerate, FORGIVES you, Pronounces you Righteous and no longer holds your sinful condition against you. You Don’t have to DO anything, but ‘Believe’ in Him and confess those sins and you become a New Creation in Christ!


Here’s How it Breaks Down from our findings: (you can read more articles and se videos on web)

1)       You Come to Jesus Covered in sin

2)       God Does not expect the sin to Stop Before or After Salvation

3)       He takes you in PROCESS of Committing Molestation, Adultery, etc

4)       The Clean up happens after the Spirit is given, by Degree, over time

5)       No One EVER Stops Sinning!


The BIBLE Explicitly Repeats the SPECIFIC Sins that will DISQUALIFY you from the Kingdom of God! (1Cor6:9-10, Gal5:19-21, Eph5:5-7) Scripture says WITHOUT Question that the Wrath of God is Coming on the sons of  Disobedience! (Col3:6) But the False Teachers & Pastors out there have cast so much aspersion on the Word of God that NO ONE BELIEVES what it says anymore. And as a result they are Marching headlong into hell fire, completely unaware of their impending doom. The LAST thing in the world these church goers want is to be Convicted of Sin, Righteousness and Judgment! The Possibility of them Truly Repenting in a godly manner and finding real Mercy is almost impossible.


The False Teaches have Everything in Reverse!

1)       Repenting is Confession, therefore it falls under 1John1:9 ‘Confess’ your sins!

2)       Faith is Trusting Jesus Obeyed for you, therefore your Obedience is out of question

3)       Salvation is God not expecting you to Stop sinning

4)       And the Christian life is, no body is perfect or can they do anything Right


Supposed Converts Mistake the Kindness and Patience of God with His Approval on their Conduct. They think Faith is subject to their own personal convictions about God, instead of His Word. They see Grace as His unmerited favor and PERMISSION to keep on sinning, rather than the Power to live a godly life of self control. And they think Repentance is Admitting your sinful and being forgiven in advance for all the sins you are going to continue to commit.


WHY DO THEY BELIEVE THESE THINGS? Read the Comments again, WATCH The Videos! Unless you are Deaf and Blind, something should ring through your head. WE are in TROUBLE!!! BIG Trouble with GOD! Yes, He is Kind to the Wicked, but ONE DAY His Kindness will come to an End…..


Heed His Warning!


“Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?  But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God,  who “will render to each one according to his deeds” :eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality;  but to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness—indignation and wrath,  tribulation and anguish, on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek;  but glory, honor, and peace to everyone who works what is good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.  For there is no partiality with God.”