Will You Repent?


“God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John3:16


Does this Single Passage Capsulate the Gospel Message? Will you then merely ‘Believe’, and Trust that you have eternal life? Did you know that the Bible also says that the ‘Devils Believe’ and tremble? (James2:19) Are you then willing to stake your eternal destiny on the testimony of what men have said about John3:16? Is it Really ‘Faith Alone’ that Saves the Soul? Many think so, but the Real question is: ‘DID JESUS THINK SO?’


Jesus said that NOT Everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who DOES the Will of My Father in heaven! Matt7:21. Is Doing the Will of God merely ‘Believing’ in Jesus? Again, many will tell you so. But yet Christ Himself answered the question of who would be Saved in Luke13:24, He said: “STRIVE to enter the Narrow Gate, for Many, I say to you, will Seek to Enter and NOT be Able!”


Your Churches tell you ‘Seek and you shall find’ but that’s only a PART of this Message. If you fail to STRIVE

(that is put forth a strenuous effort in the face of all adversity) you Will NOT Enter. WHY? Because not only is the Gate Narrow it is also DIFFICULT and only a FEW will be able to find it. Matt7:14. No wonder the Apostle Peter proclaimed to the Saints that the ‘Righteous’ are Scarcely Saved!’ 1Pet4:18, or More Clearly: ‘Saved with GREAT Difficulty.’ It certainly appears that he understood the Gospel Message of His Lord in plain language.


Further is the aspect of ‘Repentance’, Preached as the Basic fundamental Message from the Start. When Jesus described those coming to Him at the Judgment, claiming good works done in His Name, He called them ‘Workers’ of Iniquity! (Matt7:22-23) They were Not among the FEW who had ‘Departed from Iniquity’ (2Tim2:19)

Under the God so loved the World Gospel, NO ONE is Departing from their Iniquity. In fact they are being taught the Very Opposite! That you come to Christ ‘in your sins’ He Receives you and Cleans you up later.


Is this REALLY what the Bible teaches? Are you Certain it’s Correct? Your Soul is hanging in the balance.

EVERYWHERE the Message of Repentance includes a Clearing of Wrong Doing BEFORE Pardon can be granted. (2Cor7:10-11) Surly this is an extremely Difficult concept for you to accept, having sit under the ‘Love’ Gospel for so long. But it’s TRUE none the less. John the Baptist and Christ Himself followed the Prophets and called for this kind of Repentance as the Single Condition to be Reconciled to God and enter the Kingdom. (Matt3:-10, Lk3:8)


Isaiah said: “Let the Wicked forsake his ways and the unrighteous man his thoughts. Let him RETURN to the Lord and He will have Mercy on him. For He will abundantly pardon.” Isa55:7


Hundreds of Passages could be sited proclaiming the exact Same Message of Repentance. So when the Lord compared His Message to that of the Prophets, He used Jonah as His example. (Luke11:29-32, Mt12:38-42)

Upon hearing the Repentance message of Jonah the people Nineveh STOPPED sinning, shut down their city and Cried out to the Lord, assuming Nothing. Real Repentance includes a Season of godly sorrow in which the Pennant person STOPS or gets Clear of their Wrong Doings! (It Does Not happen after Salvation)


That’s why 2Cor7:11 Concludes by saying, “In ALL these things you PROVED yourselves to be CLEAR in this matter!” (Meaning PURE as in Acts15:9) THEREFORE a Genuine Repentance unto Saving Faith is PROVEN by DEEDS, Just as the Bible Says! Acts26:18. It’s NOT Repeating words, Receiving anything or Trusting in a concept.

You have been LIED to! Your Eyes are Closed to the Truth! OPEN them and TURN while Mercy is still available.


“To Open their Eyes and to TURN them from Darkness to Light and from the Power of Satan to God, that they May receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are Sanctified by Faith in Me!”


You MUST Break your Conditioning!!! Come Out from among them. Depart from Iniquity and Seek His Mercy.

The Path will be Difficult and Narrow, every diversion under the sun will try to hinder your progress, including your own passions and desires. The Old man has to Die in Repentance…..DEAD TO SIN….(Rom6:4-6) The Body of Sin Done away with so that you are NO LONGER a Slave to Sin! You Come out of Repentance a NEW Creation in Christ. (2Cor5:17) Not Still addicted to it in need of ‘Christian Counseling’. You were NOT Born a Sinner!

(You became addicted to sin by long practiced habit. Eph2:1-3)


The Love Gospel has the Process Backward. You supposedly get Saved in your sins and God cleans you up later.

But admit it. DOES ANYONE Ever get Cleaned up? Many get worse, but None are released from their bondage.

They fall under the Deception that sin humbles them and learn to Love the Message that they are poor sinners saved by Grace. Soon the Conscience is Seared and the heart waxed cold. The Light in them is Darkness and how Great is that Darkness! DON’T let it happen to you! Repent Now, like the People of Nineveh and find His Mercy.