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Escaping the Snare 

Preparations of the Heart

Waking Up!



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Exposing the Greatest fallacies of all time keeping millions of Professed Christians in Bondage to a Wretched man Gospel of Sin. This DOC covers the entire gamut of the scam called Reformed Doctrine existing in the so-called Churches today. From the Myth of Original Sin, to the saved in sin, He did it for you Gospel of lies and all the excuses mimicked by those who have fallen prey to this mess. Read and Study, Dig deep into the truths of God and begin your personal quest to unravel these fairy tales and come to a Genuine 'Saving' knowledge of the Truth before it's too late.

Sitting under a System of Error
This DOC covers a wide range of common fallacies taught in the present day churches, done in a series of articles done also as Videos on YouTube. Finally it discusses Coming Out of the System once and for all and Standing firm against the lies and concludes with a basic summary of how Substitution negates Repentance and Faith Proven by deeds.

Exposing the Myths of Reformed Doctrine PDF
Discussing free will and ability, repentance and faith, dispersions and excuses, what must I do to be saved, working together with God, examining Substitution and the warnings of Heb6, 10, Regeneration in Christ, fallacy of Penal Substitution, the True Church of Jesus Christ and faithfulness.