Ruling Over the Myths:

The fallacy is called ‘Original Sin’,
Re-defined throughout history as: ‘Total Depravity, moral depravity, Fallen Nature, Dual Nature, inbred sin, born sinner and sinfulness.’

Although such a notion has been proven beyond doubt to have been derived from Pagan origins it was blended into Christian Doctrine beginning in 4th Century Rome by a man named Augustine. Before him this fallacy was never taught among the Jews or the early Christians and anything to do with a dual nature in man was intensely refuted as a gross error of the Gnostics. It is not necessary at this point to go into a long study of the history behind these things. I’ve written many articles detailing these things, all posted on my web site Here I only wish to press the imperative of understanding how this horrible error has ruined Gospel preaching and attacked the physic of man at his most basic level of awareness and convinced him he lacks the ability to obey God.

Basically ‘Born a sinner’ means man has no free will to freely choose between right and wrong.

Taken to the extreme one line of this fallacy removes man out of the picture entirely. It states:
Man is Totally depraved, dead in sin at birth, therefore he is subject to God’s Unconditional election or condemnation, he has no choice whatsoever in the matter, So those elected are included in Christ’s Limited atonement, Irresistibly called and Preserved forever. All signed, sealed and delivered from the foundation of the world, finished on the Cross, done deal. (acronym: TULIP)

As irrational as this sounds millions of people world wide firmly believe the Bible teaches it and in the past some were even burned at the stake for denying it. Even today many will condemn you to hell straight away for contesting them and label you a blasphemous heretic unworthy to sit among them. Without a doubt such an extreme teaching is definitely NOT of God and horribly dishonors Christ. Only the Devil himself could have imagined anything as diabolical as the TULIP.

But on the other side of the coin we have a myriad of attempts to rationalize this fallacy of inbred depravity with the teachings of Jesus Christ calling people to a life of Obedience and Purity. This is where most of the confusion is found among those coming out of the System and seeking answers. If we could just some how magically open a door inside the mind of an individual and sweep clean this notion of inability and then start from scratch as a blank slate, we could merely let people read the teachings of Jesus for themselves and Simply Obey Him; and build from there. Unfortunately it isn’t that simple.

Fundamentally if man is ‘Born a sinner’ or born lacking the ability or willingness to do what is right because of some ‘inbred’ malady dwelling in his flesh hindering his free will to choose the Narrow Way, then his problem with sinful addictions becomes a calamity NOT a willful transgression of God’s law. This is the very CORE of the matter! If Preachers (from any doctrinal bias) strip man of his God given free will ability to Obey and DO what is Right they totally negate Repentance Proven by deeds! Unless man is free agent born with full capacity to recognize and choose between good and evil the Commands in Scripture make no sense whatsoever and must all be re-defined to clarify his lack of ability to Obey.

Therefore LACK of ability is the root of this Rotten tree called Reformed Doctrine.
From this premise the fundamental Principles of the Bible are REVERSED! ‘Few becomes Many, ‘Narrow becomes Wide and the ability of man to Stop sinning becomes impossible. So when Jesus says to people ‘Go and sin no more’ (Jh5:14 ) He really means when you ‘receive’ Me and I’ll help you stop sinning.
(of course its understood that no one can stop sinning entirely even with  Jesus)

Here is the reverse logic of the inbred (born in sin) fallacy: ‘You sin because you’re a ‘sinner’, you can never stop sinning until you receive Jesus, BUT you will sin nevertheless because you’re a sinner.’ So before or after you ‘receive’ Jesus you can never entirely stop sinning and God doesn’t expect you to stop that’s why He sent Jesus as your replacement to obey in your place. One on side the Bible tells you to Stop sinning, Obey Jesus and do what He says. On the other the church pastors tell you it’s impossible to stop sinning and do what Jesus said just trust He did it for you. You need to stop and ask yourself at this point WHO’S right and where in the Bible does it say that Jesus obeyed for me.

The Bible says: ‘He who DOES what is Right is Righteous, he who Sins is of the devil.’ 1Jh3:7

The Pastors say: ‘No one is Righteous but Christ and we all sin daily in thought, word and deed’

Jesus said: ‘If you love Me you will Keep My Commandments’  John14:15

The Pastors say: ‘He kept them for you’

We could go on and on, but we’re just trying to drive home the point that people coming out the church system are under LAYERS and LAYERS of deception, not just a single error in understanding. Their entire concept of God, Sin, Repentance, Deeds, Grace, Faith and Love are OPPOSITE of what the Bible says. (and worse they are unaware how deep the rabbit hole goes!) As with Repentance, how can a person perform Deeds Worthy of Repentance (as commanded) if he is told deeds count for nothing in Salvation because it’s ‘not of works’? The person DOESN’T even know what SIN is according to the Bible; let alone how to Stop doing it! Nothing has been defined in line with the Scriptures and everything he has been told up to now is the opposite of what Jesus taught. (church pastors seldom define anything in scripture)

People inside the Church System are convinced they have an inbred (genetic) disorder called sin and that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. (because they have been taught that ‘if I say I have no sin, I lie and the truth is not in me) So God in His infinite Mercy sent Jesus to live a perfect life of obedience die in their place and receive the punishment due them so that His obedience & righteousness could be transferred to them when they ‘receive’ Him as their personal Savior. No one really understands this arrangement but they trust that God has somehow magically saved them and no longer holds them accountable for their on going sin. To them all sin is the same anyway, so if a person commits adultery or murder he is no worse off in God’s eyes than someone who goes over the speed limit or yells at his kids in anger.

So here we have a Dual fallacy with multiple layers:
Man is disabled by a disorder called sin. All Sins are the same to God. Which translates into:
There is no sin you must Stop to get saved or Stay saved. Vile blatant sins are the same as civil infractions.

Under this is an array of excuses:
‘If I could stop sinning I wouldn’t need Jesus and could save myself’
‘If I try to stop sinning it means I’m trying to self Justify and earn my salvation by works’
‘No one can ever stop sinning before or after they receive Jesus’ (although they should try to do better)

Here you have people under these Fallacies who believe NOT only that all sins are the same to God, BUT that even Temptation is sin. So ‘all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’, Man is wholly incapable of the ‘Right act. Consequently that means their own Natural desires and inclinations are sinful. (a fleeting thought, a feeling of anger or resentment, a passing notion) All these are said to be the ‘evil desires of the flesh nature dwelling in you, proving you’re born sinful and morally depraved. Even the English translators of the KJV Bible who believed his hoax ‘interrupted the word ‘desires in Rom7:8, Col3:5, 1Thes4:5, as a invented Latin word called ‘concupiscence. So instead of an ‘evil desire acted upon by a willing choice to indulge it, the ‘desire itself is proof of this mysterious ‘nature lurking in your flesh. Yet the Scripture is Clear on this matter: But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.
Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death. James1:14-15

In other words ‘DESIRES are natural human inclinations. They DO NOT become Sinful until you make the conscience decision to indulge them by CHOICE and then commit the actual transgression! You cannot be charged with ‘sin that you have yet to perform, otherwise HOW could God Judge you according to your deeds? Rom2:7-8.

To further define the terms and understand this concept for clearly read on:

The Myth of Moral Depravity

Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? No one! What is man, that he could be pure?
And he who is born of a woman, that he could be righteous? Job14:4, 15:14

Is man born into a state of moral depravity, dead in sin and unable to obey God? This is the demonic fallacy that professing Christianity has been subjected to since it originated in 4th Century Rome by the master deceiver, chief heretic of all time: Augustine. Before this Satanic doctrine took hold of the organized Church the teaching among Jews and the early Christians was simply man born with a Moral conscience and natural inclinations (or Yetzer Tou, Yetzer Ra) and he possessed free will and unhindered ability to do what is right and obey God. But after over 1500 years of this fallacy being disseminated into every ‘Christian creed and doctrine on the planet we are faced with an well-equipped and virtually unending army of Bible Pundits who promote this ‘doctrine of demons’ in every realm of human endeavor.

The above Passage out of Job is a perfect example of how they ‘craft Scripture to validate the fallacy. They take a statement made by men who cannot understand why Job as a righteous man is suffering so horribly and make it the WORD of God! Why people so easily fall for this depraved angle is that the general condition of mankind pretty much confirms it. Certainly (most) people are into some level of morally depravity, they are wretched within and can’t do anything Right unless it benefits them in some way. They lie, cheat, steal, commit vile acts of perversion, are drunkards, boasters, full of prideful greed, often resort to murder and other crimes to fulfill their lusts, lack self-control, despise what is good are disobedient rebellious and can hardly be trusted to keep their word or be honest and faithful in their daily transactions. Common experience with our fellow human beings validates this on a daily bases. But sadly it also perfectly describes the vast majority of Professing Christians! 2Tim3:1-13, confirms this.

It’s easy to buy the commonly repeated passage; ‘There are None Righteous, no not one’ Rom3:10. But this is simply taken from a comparison being made by an ancient writer, between the wicked, Jews and Gentiles, who both refused to obey God and do what is Right. (Ps14:1-3, 53:1-3) It DOESN’T mean there has never been a Righteous person on earth! Daniel, Noah and Job were all said to be Righteous (Ezk14:14) John the Baptist parents were both reported as Righteous and blameless! (Lk1:6) They were ALL born after Adam’s transgression in the Garden, so according to the fallacy of ‘original sin’ they would by necessity be ‘infected with the inherited malady of ‘inbred sin. BUT they were not so ‘morally depraved that there were incapable of performing a Righteous act in the sight of God. They did so by their own FREE WILL choice to follow a right path instead of indulging their base appetites.

Since man is born with a moral conscience and natural inclinations (Jh1:9 the True Light which gives light to every men who comes into the world) his ‘natural tendencies (for love, survival, rest & relationships) are NOT proof of some kind of ‘depravity dwelling inside him. Desires can be either good or evil, Rom7:8 is describing ‘evil desires’ indulged by choice, NOTconcupiscence dwelling in you. In Scripture ‘Lust and Desire are expressed as the same word, they can either be expressed as the Lust of the flesh 1Jh2:15-16, or a ‘Strong desire to further your growth in the faith. (2Cor7:7, Gal4:20) Jesus said it best: But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust (desire) for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart Mat5:28 Flesh cannot be corrupted of itself, flesh is simply SARX, (that which covers the bones, sinew) We are Commanded to ‘Crucify our flesh with it’s ‘Passions and desires’, not drive nails through our bodies, but PUT to Death our evil deeds done in the body! (Gal2:20, 6:15)

Therefore put to death your members which are on the earth: fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.  Because of these things the wrath of God is coming upon the sons of disobedience Col3:5-6

Note its this very passage the KJV translators re-interrupted by replacing ‘evil desires with ‘concupiscence

The idea of inbred moral depravity violates reason and scripture, because and turns God into a cosmic tyrant for asking him to do something he is wholly incapable of doing. Clearly it’s this fallacy behind all the twisted rhetoric coming out of the pulpits today that argue in favor of sin. If man has been rendered inept by some inherited ‘nature, the entire Gospel has to be redefined by necessity to accommodate his inability to DO what Jesus said. So the ‘bad seed fallacy comes into play and the preachers become Job’s so-called friends always looking for a way to excuse man from his personal responsibility to Obey God. Sin is no longer a Transgression against God’s Command that incurs His anger (1Jh3:4, Ps7:11) but a Malady of which he is not ‘entirely responsible for. God then must provide him with a ‘Provision to fill in what is lacking so man can be declared Justified (a Just person) while still ‘unjust in his nature.

Therefore, out of His great love for mankind, He Provided Christ to come: ‘Suffer in your place, receive God’s Divine Wrath (your penalty) and then be magically declared JUST by merely ‘receiving this wonderful gift and from that point forward be seen perfectly Righteous and Obedient because Jesus’ perfect life replaced your ‘sinfulness and you are no longer considered a ‘sinner when you transgress God’s law, but a Saint. (pure and sinless like Jesus!) The ‘Provision covers it all! The supposed convert ‘Trusts in this arrangement and becomes a member of the Church establishment. That’s why most of the professing world is subject to the authority of Popes, Bishops, Pastors and Professional bible Pundits to disseminate the Word of God and administer the sacraments, rituals and traditions in your local Churches.

Thus the Gospel of Christ, as preached by the Church over the last 1500 odd years, is no longer about Sin (bringing man out from the bondage of it) but persuading them to ‘BELIEVE in what Jesus did for them on the Cross. (via their understanding of Substitution because of moral depravity) That’s why your Pastors and Preachers can NEVE R call you out for your continued Wrong doings! Because under this mess you’re already Saved by ‘believing in and receiving Jesus. (what He did for you) Sin is what you inevitably do as a ‘sinner, Grace is the Free Gift from God (not of works) to Cover your inbred malady and pardon you of your inability to Obey. This is basically how the Gospel has been presented to man for over a thousand years with very few exceptions. Untold millions have sincerely trusted in this myth for their eternal well-being and been duped by Satan into a life of dedication to a corrupted Church system and continued pattern of failure in a sin-repent relationship with loving Pastors who tell them they can sin and not die.

So ask yourself, who’s really at fault for the sordid Condition of mankind on our planet? God who fearfully and wonderfully made them (PS139:14) or man himself for endorsing the fallacy of human depravity since the fourth Century; Pounding it into their Minds night and day, month after month, year after year, 24/7 without ceasing, that they were nothing but a pack of morally depraved, wretched wrecks who couldn’t do anything Right in the sight of God if they tried! I’d say it’s the inevitable outcome of convincing people to follow their base instincts instead of seeking after God, especially when it comes to the Church which was intended to be the Salt and Light of the earth and a moral compass to mankind guiding him into righteousness. From this premise the Doctrine of moral depravity in man is an overwhelming disgrace and scourge on human kind derived from the pits of hell itself.

Perhaps if they had been told instead that there is inherent goodness remaining in man’s nature after all and the ability to do what is Right is within their moral capacity to perform and they Stand fully responsible before GOD to Obey what He said, maybe things would be different in our world. At least people would Fear God instead of mocking Him in utter hypocrisy professing to be wise unto Salvation.  If the real Gospel had been preached world wide for the last 500 years, maybe the missionaries and other charitable outreaches would be sacrificing their lives for a Purpose instead of for nothing. (Mt7:21-23) People die in the Name of Christianity without a clue they are part of the Mystery Babylon woman on the Scarlet Beast corrupted System of religion committing adultery with the world. What a waste to die for a System that perpetrates the lie of human depravity and infects untold more cultures with this poison.

This entire issue is explained in Romans 1 & 2, man becomes ‘depraved through a Progression of degeneration giving himself over to a reprobated mind. He is not born ‘depraved, but fully endowed with a moral conscience that can fully realize the existence of God in Creation, seek Him out do what is right. If Paul believed or taught (as the phony pundits claim) moral depravity, WHY does he reveal this Progression by which man becomes morally depraved and debased in his mind? Rather, as the passage says, he becomes wise in his own understanding and indulges his futile thoughts rejecting this revelation and then follows after his foolish and darkened heart. At this point he creates an Image of god after his own likeness, manipulative, arbitrary and tolerant of wrong doing; then exchanging the truth of God for lie he worships and serves this image and is given over to his lustful passions and desires he indulged over time, (as by Nature means: PHYSIS, the principle of growth) and refuses to Crucify these lustful indulgences by following the example of Christ. This is the general condition of the most Professing Christians in the world today regardless what they may be doing toward charitable deeds. Underneath they are full of duplicity and evil surmising always standing in favor of sin and telling others its normal.

Romans 2:14 says that the Gentiles (heathen, pagan nations) who ‘have not the law’ do, by Nature the things contained in the law!  If the Nature of man is morally depraved at birth,

 HOW could it be said they DO what is Right by ‘nature? The Church has no answer to this kind of reasoning because it’s more convenient for them to believe they can’t obey God rather than Obey Him and be the moral example the world is looking for. The consequence of this style of preaching is that many people who buy into it advance into extreme levels of reprobation and debase themselves in reversals of nature where any kind of perversion is common place. They are then given up in their condition as they indulge their fancies in every kind of filth imaginable and even encourage it in others by their unspoken compliance wrong doing. This is the Reprobate mind the Bible speaks of as given over to self-indulgence and it exactly describes the present state of people who fall prey to the depravity lie and learn to practice their sins with impunity. The ‘Christian System propagates it, ever worsening the situation and sinking man lower into the mire of his decadence without consequence.

who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them. Rom1:32

God made Man upright Ecc7:29 says, but ‘he sought out many schemes! David assured us that we were fearfully and wonderfully made and that children were a heritage from the Lord. Does an isolated passage quoted ten millions times by the deceived Pundits undo all of this? ‘David was ‘conceived in sin Ps51:5, there’s no one on earth Just or who does not sin Ecc7:20, Rom3:23, HAVE you ever taken the time and effort to understand WHY these things were said, or is it enough that they ‘invalidate (in your mind) everything the Bible says even to the point of Contradicting itself? They will go to any extreme to retain a fallacy that excuses you from your responsibility to do what is Right in the sight of God to begin with.  HOW could the Bible writers say ten thousand times you are Responsible for what you DO and learn by ‘Progression to be a Reprobate rather they obey God and then turn around and absolve everyone from this responsibility because they are ‘Born depraved? THINK for a change!!! They weren’t assigning all mankind to depravity but ILLUSTRATING the dreadful consequences of committing SIN!

MOST of Scriptures is a Comparison between good and evil, right and wrong. All throughout the Psalms and Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, elsewhere the Vivid CONSTRAST between Righteousness and Wickedness is set before our eyes accompanied by the Warning to CHOOSE LIFE! Obedience unto Righteousness or Sin unto Death! BUT the so called Christians tell the world you CAN’T make a Right Choice or even obey God unless He does it for you. The best you can hope for is to live out your ‘wretched life hoping Christ has you covered while you sit in the Churches wondering why no one is motivated to be an example to others. The end result is there’s no moral compass to point at wrong doing either in the church or general society. So they emulate one another in new levels of reprobation. The Preachers are more interested in ‘effectiveness than in Righteousness. While the message of the Bible is ‘Righteousness, Self-control and the Judgment to come, there message is you can ‘sin and not die. (Acts24:25)

Our present generation is perishing because of the clap trap coming out of the pulpits; it lacks both substance and clarity in the application of truth on the minds of men. How will people understand the imperative of duty toward God when the preachers keep giving them an alternative to obedience? Personal responsibility is pre-empted by inbred moral depravity (a corrupted nature) WHO will be motivated to make the Right Choice when they are told its already been made for them by ‘receiving Jesus!

I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days; Deut30:19-20

In the Church System Sin is what you are by birth, not what you do by choice. The Gospel of Jesus Christ had to be entirely redefined to accommodate this fallacy and it is nearly impossible to find a minister not preaching the gospel from this flawed premise. Those who fall prey to this system do not have a proper concept of sin. They think sin isn’t the issue to God because Jesus took care of it on the Cross and no longer holds them accountable. There’s no imperative to produce deeds worthy of repentance or forsake even their vilest of sins, just ‘believe they are poor helpless wretches saved by grace and God has a wonderful plan for their lives.


Sin is what you DO Not what you Are!

Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death. James1:13-15

Having a Right Concept of Sin is essential to Preaching the Gospel of Repentance and faith proven by deeds. The multiple layers of deceptions so pervasive in the Professed Christian establishment today have rendered genuine Salvation from the corruption of sin impossible. Instead of Escaping the corruption that is in the world through lust people are deceived into thinking they can be Justified in their sins. Thus under their false sense of assurance professing Christians THINK Sin is what they are NOT what they DO.


Ability to Choose between good and evil actions is not a factor in the outcome of Salvation because all sin is the same, everything you do is sin and even temptation is sin. This paralyzes the conscience into a state of insensitivity toward wrong doing. The human mind loses its natural ability to accuse itself when temptation arises. So the ‘way of escape’ (1Cor10:13) is not an option and sin defiles the soul. (Heb12:15)

All because the Bible Pundits have mystified Sin as something that dwells or lurks within the flesh. But the Bible is Crystal Clear that SIN is a result of the misuse of your Free Will succumbing to temptation.

As James explains; ‘by his OWN DESIRES’ a person is drawn away and enticed. The Desire unites with the Will and the result is Sin. Freedom of CHOICE is in Play during the entire process. Sin becomes Transgression of the law (1John3:4) when you indulge the passions and desires of your flesh. Your flesh is not ‘corrupt, it’s always your willful desire acting out in wrong doing. Sin is NOT inevitable to human nature because of something ‘lurking in you. It’s your natural desires given over to self-indulgence by choice, you ‘corrupt yourself descending into addition that makes you a ‘Slave to sin. (Rom6:16)


James 2:10 ‘Whoever shall keep the whole law, but yet stumble in one point is guilty of all, is NOT telling us that ALL SINS are the Same, as all the pastors will tell you. Rather James is expressing the Biblical definition of Transgression. If you violate the Commandment against adultery, but not the one against Murder, are you NOT a ‘Transgressor’ of the Law? (1Jh1:4) DO you see the Logic!? The same would be true if you Robbed a bank, but you didn’t steal a car, would not the LAW convict you as a Transgressor of the entire system of law!? James is NOT giving man a license to pass off their wrong doings as ‘all the same he is directing them to Practice the PERFECT Law of Liberty, which is FAITH WORKING BY LOVE! (thereby upholding the entirety of the law! Rom3:31, 13:10,  Matt22:37-40)


Professed Christians today are the Perfect example of a Pharisee; Clean on the outside, but defiled within. They take great pride in their ‘form’ of godliness but lack any inkling of a godly life. They sin daily in thought, word and deed because they are inclined to constantly submit to the passions and desires of their flesh. It’s the ‘Nature of growth (Physis, Eph2:3) that produces a habit of sin; NOT something inbred into all humanity from birth. The Church teachers will never understand this concept of ‘Growth revealed in the Scriptures because they are blinded by their own indulgences and compelled to handle the Word of God deceitfully to their own ruin the ruin of others. It’s a self-inflicted mind conditioning that takes place over time as each succeeding generation foolishly accepts the premise of the one before it.

James says: temptation is presented, the Desire enticed, the idea conceived, the CHOICE is Made. Thus the wages of sin takes its inevitable toll on the human soul. The Temptation itself it NOT Sin; If that were true Christ Himself would be guilty of sin. Heb4:15 says; ‘He was in ALL POINTS tempted as We are, yet Without Sin!’  If a person has an inappropriate thought running across their mind it DOES NOT Prove he is desperately wicked or wretched within (as professed Christians have been taught) It means he was Created by God with the faculties of a Moral Conscience and natural desires and inclinations. Thus temptations come and thoughts are derived from our own natural affections and surrounding environment. They only become sin if we choose to indulge them. OUR Part is to make the Conscience CHOICE NOT to Present our members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin but as instruments of Righteousness (Right actions) to GOD! Rom6:13. In that manner Sin will no longer have Dominion over you. (Rom6:14) BUT if your free will ability has been render inoperative by the fallacy of Sin inbred as a malady you cannot overcome, you will CONTINUOUSLY choose the path of least resistance to indulge the lust of your flesh. (so for you it’s a constant cycle of sin-repent, sin-repent)


This is why Professing Christians incessantly equate minor infractions in conduct with committing vile sins of the flesh they should have ceased from doing in repentance. Since in their minds driving over the speed limit or having a fleeting thought run across your mind is the same as any other vile act, so WHY worry about being addicted to pornography, committing adultery occasionally or a little drunkenness. God has forgiven them anyway, they need but ‘confess it as another inevitable mistake and move on. After all if they claim to have ‘no sin (in them) they lie and know not the truth!

To Summarize:

They View Sin as what they Are not what they Do
All men are sinners by birth and all sin is the same including temptation

Sin is inevitable and no one can ever stop sinning, anyone who says they have is a liar

It’s all one Big Lump of Sin, oozing from their flesh so why make any effort to change


Unraveling this Deception in the minds of the people under it is impossible until they see the folly of their ways and make a determined effort to STOP sinning and Seek out God in real Repentance. But many have been held captive by these lies for so long they are no longer capable of equating their ability to make the common choices of everyday life with putting forth an effort to OBEY God. It’s as though the natural functions of their brains have been disconnected from reality. It’s a genuine Captivity of mind and soul and can only be broken when the human Will is released to ‘Rule over it!’ (Gen4:7)  


‘If you do well will you not be accepted? And if you do not well, sin lies at the door and its desire is for you but you should RULE OVER IT!’ Gen4:7

The fact that man is able to Stop sinning and turn toward God in Repentance is not ‘saving himself or an attempt to be as ‘Perfect as God. God requires that each person love Him according to the strength of their mind, heart, and spirit and exercise such a faith in their daily walk.  Sins cannot be forgiven in advance, only ‘Past sins are remitted in repentance, Rom3:25, so continuing to sin willfully against God’s Commandments means instant ‘disqualification from His Kingdom. (1Cor6:9-10, Gal5:19-21, Eph5:3-7, Rev21:8) Genuine Salvation could not have actually taken place in the soul of a person who has never forsaken these kinds of sins to begin with. The Church teachers you are ‘saved in your sin, because they claim you’re ‘born in sin. It’s the ‘sin in you that you can never repent of, because how can you repent of a ‘Nature dwelling in your flesh? And you can never deny this sin ‘in you or you deny the Truth!


Therefore its common place among professed Christians under this fallacy to think of their sin as a kind of  DISEASE they inherited by birth and any attempt they make to stop sinning or even say they can stop is an act of Self-righteousness and strictly forbidden under Grace. So they can never do well and ‘rule over it as God commands and go about in their filthy rags professing to be sinners saved by grace.

This is the very reason the churches are overrun with hypocrites excusing themselves of every addiction under the sun as a ‘work in progress that no one can judge and they love it! From the Pastors on down everyone is in the same boat, a poor wretched sinner hopelessly inbred and trusting Jesus has everything under control toward the outcome of their Salvation. Both Religion and Society constantly tell them they have a Disease and the best they can hope for is learning to manage it and accept the fact that God has forgiven them nonetheless. So most of them just learn to cope with their situation and call their sinful indulgences ‘mistakes, but as the bitter root grows in their hearts the conscience is defiled and no longer responds to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. (Heb12:15-17)


The Promise of Newness of life and ‘escape from corruption can never apply to a peoplesold under sin and believing there’s no possibility for them to be anything but sinners. They have made themselves slaves to who they obey, Rom6:16, and reap the consequences thereof. But those who have actually escaped from they who live in error, 2Pet3:18, know that what the churches are teaching is nothing but ‘Great swelling words of emptiness, amounting to nothing and making the people who sit under it worthless within. Such a person truly purified in heart and mind will be a constant thorn in the side of these Churches and labeled as evil judges, angry monsters and generally unloving, unforgiving people who don’t understand God’s grace or the ‘magic cover he freely gives to those who receives His Provision.


Thereby this ONE Fatal flaw has given the entire professing Church into the Captivity of sin.
Converts are taught form the start that they are ‘Carnal Sold under Sin’, their best efforts to please God are nothing more than filthy rags in His sight and they remain the Romans 7 Wretch in a constant struggle between their flesh and spirit, inevitably destine to failure, because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. There’s really no hope of ever being truly pure in heart, since they are told constantly that the heart of man remains ‘desperately wicked even in Salvation. Justification is always by ‘faith alone (sola fide) because attributing any ability to man to bring forth deeds worthy of repentance is not part of the arrangement God made in declaring man righteous by faith.


The Deceptions are multi layered, but all based on a single flawed premise:
1) Man is born disabled by sin and cannot respond to God unless his inbred depravity is off-set
2) A sinister ‘Nature of sin lurks in his flesh of which he cannot rule over
3) Therefore sin (transgression) has to be removed from the equation altogether, belief is all that maters.


Without a right concept of sin (according to what God calls sin) and a proper understanding of the Nature of man (born in the image of God with unimpeded free will and ability) people remain in a stalemated position when called to Repentance Proven by Deeds. They dare not say they have no sin (in their minds meaning they are born sinners) and any effort put forth toward Salvation is considered absolute heresy by all their preachers. Repentance that includes the Biblical imperative of Clearing oneself of all wrong doings, amend the evil of their doings, laying aside all filthiness and lust BEFORE they are ‘saved is OUT of the question entirely. Not only is it impossible to do, it’s also forbidden by God to even attempt.


Subsequently they are Deadlocked and MUST accept the ONLY offer presented to them and ‘receive the Provision by trusting what the Pastors says is true. All it involves is a ‘Change of mind’ about who Jesus is and to admit they are poor helpless sinful creatures unable to do anything right. The concept of ‘Ruling over’ their sinful addictions is not an option they can even consider. They can ‘Do well’ in many other endeavors of life to achieve success and happiness, but when it comes to sin it’s impossible. Sin will forever be what they are and NOT what they do. God loves the sinner but hates his sin, as though He pretends the sin doesn’t matter because of Jesus. Such foolish non-sense is the mantra of the professing church and the reason our society is in such sordid condition. If the testimony of Christ, by his supposed people cannot be held forth as the Standard of moral perfection the world is to follow, what will they follow? Christ’s Way is the Narrow road that leads to life, few choose to travel, because man has obscured it with error and confusion, were in they take the Wide road to destruction but don’t have clue where they are headed.

To further re-enforce the concept of Nature in its proper perspective we reiterate the premise.


Two Natures


for when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do the things in the law, these, although not having the law, are a law to themselves, who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and between themselves their thoughts accusing or else excusing them Rom2:14-15

among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others. Eph2:3

In the Bible ‘Nature is ‘Physis, meaning: ‘The Principle of Growth or the Nature of growth’. Man DOES NOT have a ‘sinful nature’ (that’s a myth of theology) rather he is subject to the ‘Nature of growth or by progression he either becomes a Slave to his base fleshly desires or a Servant of Righteousness.
‘Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves Slaved to Obey, you are that one’s Slave whom you Obey, whether Sin to death or OBEDIENCE to Righteousness’ Rom6:16  So when the Gentiles do ‘by nature’ the things contained in the law or people who fulfill the desires of their flesh are ‘by nature children of wrath, the ancient writers understood that by the nature of growth (long habits, practices) they could either choose to serve good or evil. How did the Gentiles do the things contained in the law if the ‘Nature itself was sinful? It can’t be both ways, the nature can’t be corrupted and also be able to choose what’s right


Man is born with a Moral Conscience and Natural inclinations: Yetzer Tou, Yetzer Ra, into a body of ‘Flesh (SARX, that which covers the bones) His ‘flesh cannot be ‘sinful of itself without his Natural passions and desires being presented (or indulged) to the slavery of sin. THIS requires a CHOICE of his Will, each one is tempted when drawn away by his own DESIRES and enticed, then when desire has conceived ‘a sinful passion, it gives birth to sin and when the sin is full grown is brings forth death (to his spirit) Js1:14-15. The FLESH has no Desires lurking within it, only tissue and sinew, its only when the MIND conceives a DESIRE to indulge the flesh (mortal body) that Sin is born. Desire can either be a Natural yearning as for food to survive, rest to recuperate, or it can be a LUST (as in evil desires) for self-indulgence. The same Word (desire-lust) can be translated either way in the Bible. As:
‘The lust of the flesh’ 1Jh2:16, or have a ‘Yearning desire to come see you’ 1Thes2:17


There is no DUAL Nature taught in the Bible, only a NATURE of Growth or long practiced habits inherited by tradition from our fathers. 1Pet1:18. Such a notion was introduced by the ancient Gnostics around the 4th Century, who believed that everything in the material world was corrupted or sinful and everything in the spiritual world was pure and incorruptible. Their greatest proponent Augustine blended these notions into Christian thought by miss-applying the constant mention of the word ‘Flesh (SARX) used in Scripture to a Latin term he invented called: concupiscence , by applying this to passages like Rom7:8 it turned the natural human desires able to choose between good and evil into something ‘Dwelling in the flesh prompting these evil desires by necessity to serve sin. So the KJV translators (who bought this fallacy) translated ‘Desire or Evil Desires Concupiscence three times in Rom7:8, 1Thes4:5, Col3:5.  So instead of all manner of ‘evil desires being prompted by the law in Rom7:8, its all manner of concupiscence, implying a mysterious nature dwelling in the flesh; whereas ‘evil desires’ clearly indicate a choice has to made between evil and good.


Thus when Rom7:18 says: ‘I know that in me (in my flesh) nothing good dwells’, the vast majority of professing Christians over the last 1530 years THINK it means that their FLESH is corrupted with some kind of devilish malady that forces them to sin. Consequently the preachers teach them they are ‘BY NATURE children of wrath’ Eph2:3, meaning by the Very fact they are walking around in their mortal bodies of flesh they are one BIG Rotten Lump of Sin. This has been the central foundation of almost all so-called Christian theology longer than any of us have been alive.  Within it are the bases for the Provision, Substitution, moral transfer and election.

Man, born in this ‘Depraved condition has no will or ability to produce Deeds Worthy of Repentance therefore God has to make a ‘Provision in Christ to ‘Save him in his sins and set him on the right course to eternal life, because Sin is NOT what he does its what he is. By simply understanding the Premise from which the ancient writers were teaching this horrible fallacy could be buried on the trash heap of history where it belongs. When Scriptures says: in the ‘flesh we cannot please God’ (Rom8:7-8) it means that in the ‘Passion and desires’ of the flesh given over to evil indulgences, we CANNOT please God! Scripture tells us to ‘Crucify our flesh with its passions and desires’ Gal6:15, Does that mean we should drive nails through our hands and feet and die on a Cross?! Of course not! It simply means we should ‘Put to death’ Col3:5, our sinful passions and rule over them in Christ.

We Serve God ‘in the flesh
’ Gal2:20
 I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me  We are not walking around in some mystical realm above the clouds. We are in our ‘Mortal bodies quickened by the Spirit (Rom8:11) and our evil passions and desires are Crucified in Christ by Repentance and faith Proven by Deeds. (2Cor7:10-11) The ‘Body of sin’ is done away with Rom6:6, meaning, NOT our Mortal Coil, BUT our evil passions that once were Slaves of Sin. Rom6:16-17. So the LIFE we Live (in the flesh) is by this faith (working by love and obedience to the truth) through Christ who has Saved us by the ‘Washing, Regeneration and Renewing of the Holy Spirit’ (Titus3:5) Thus sin no longer reigns in our ‘Mortal body. Rom6:12 because the flesh ‘has been with Crucified with Christ. (in repentance and faith Proven by Deeds!)


Our flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom 1Cor15:50, not because of sin dwelling inside us’, but because our mortality must put on immortality 1Cor15:50-53, our ‘body will see corruption in death, but because of Christ in us death will be swallowed up in Victory. In Adam we die (as mortals) a physical death, but in Christ our spirit lives on eternally. That’s why it says that the body is ‘Sown in corruption (meaning the corruption of the grave) but raised in incorruption, as a ‘spiritual body. (1Cor15:43-44) The fact that man dies physically has nothing to do with a ‘Nature dwelling in his flesh, it’s simply because he is created as a ‘Mortal being (after the likeness of Adam) and has a limited life-span.


Romans 7 is showing of the state of man given over to the evil desires of his flesh, struggling under conviction but refusing to ‘Crucify his sinful indulgence. The reason he is ‘carnal sold under sin’, is within his un-willingness to rule over it, not that something in his ‘flesh is hindering him from doing so. The answer to his dilemma is in the Baptism of Repentance Rom6:4-6, in which the evil desires are crucified with Christ and the body ‘given over to self-indulgence is done away with once and for all. Giving yourself over to the ‘Captivity of sin is ‘selling yourself for nothing Isa52:3, into the bondage of Slavery. This is the reason that ‘in the flesh’ (this awful state of bondage) we cannot not please God (Rom8:8) Until this ‘evil desire’ for self-indulgence is done away with in Repentance you can NEVER fulfill the Righteous requirements of the Law in Christ by walking in the Spirit and not the ‘flesh. Rom8:1-4. 


The ‘turning from this state of bondage is our part, by making the Right Choice to rise up out of our Pig pens and come clean with the Father. The Process of Repentance (or godly sorrow) is designed to be our ‘self-cleaning humility in which we lay aside all filthiness of the flesh and spirit and receive with meekness the implanted Word that is able to save our soul, James1:21-22, the Spirit is present during this time convicting, leading and drawing us toward the Mercy Seat of Reconciliation, BUT He WILL NOT indwell us until the purging is finished and we are a Vessel FIT for the Master’s use. (2Tim2:21) Then the ‘washing, regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit can take place. Otherwise, as is virtually universal in professing Christians circles today, Salvation is a mythical Provision in which the ‘Evil Passions and desires’ of the flesh have full supremacy over every level of the Church. And the FEW of the FEW are ever likely to become ‘doers of the word instead of hearers only deceiving themselves’, until people learn to face up to their Personal Responsibility to Obey God, Do what is Right and find genuine Reconciliation at His Mercy Seat.

This will require a Diligence and Obedience beyond anything that is presently known among the dead, wretched, filthy rags professing Churches where human effort is forbidden; except to argue in favor of sin. (in that they put forth every effort!)

Had Cain made every effort to ‘Reason with God when told to Rule over it, he would have been recorded with his brother Able in Heb11:4 as ‘attaining witness his Deeds were Righteous by offering to God a more excellent sacrifice of obedience than hatred and murder.

Man is able to ‘Reason with God as a ‘scarlet sinner, still unregenerate in spirit. In his Natural state he still possesses a moral conscience able to discern the difference between right and wrong. From this premise God addresses him to ‘Come and make a conscience decision to Obey or rebel.

Reasoning together with God

Come now, and let us reason together, Says the Lord, Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool. If you are willing and obedient, You shall eat the good of the land; But if you refuse and rebel, You shall be devoured by the sword; For the mouth of the Lord has spoken. Isa1:18-20

Reasoning together with God requires an intellect that can comprehend logical thought. In the Hebrew sense (of figurative speech) Reasoning with God means, bringing something into the Sunshine to make it Clear and manifest. (literally defined: ‘prove, decide, Judge, rebuke, reprove, correct’) Sadly most Bible Pundit type preachers, pastors today won’t tell you any of this. They are firmly persuaded by the inability myths that man has no possibility of understanding the Mind of God until his ‘sinful nature’ (adamic nature, corrupted nature, carnal mind) is Regenerated by the Spirit in some miraculous manner in which God ‘Chooses, Calls and Rebirths him. Then he can ‘begin a renewing process, taught of the Spirit and will know by revelation what is truth vs error.

Most of them will base this assumption on passages out of John’s Gospel that State: ‘No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him’ Jh6:44, ‘Without Me you can do nothing’ Jh15:5, meaning in their ‘twisted understanding of God, that no one can Come to Him unless he is first ‘Called (or elected) and when this Call is issued you cannot resist. Of course this entirely negates the Free Will and ability of man to make a reasonable Choice between Good and Evil, life or death when presented with opportunity to do so. The real Truth is God ‘DRAWS all people (Jh12:32) and gives EVERYONE the opportunity to Turn from their sins to Him. Therefore unless God has first issued this Call through His Son, by the Preaching of the Gospel, there would have been no occasion to which man could respond. So the obvious truth remains: ‘No one can come to Me unless the Father draws him!HOW could they? Without this initial Call (drawing) there would no occasion for us to respond and no reason to ‘do anything in Christ. (Nothing magic about it, pure common sense)

If man is incapable of understanding Divine Truth until his ‘supposed’ Adamic nature is regenerated WHY did the Prophets constantly warn him to Repent, Come Clean, Amend his ways, Turn and come ‘REASON with God? If God and man have no common ground from which they can communicate the basic fundamental truths of repentance and faith, ALL Preaching (since Moses) MUST be expunged and an apology issued from the heavens for asking man to do something he was wholly incapable of doing. The Scripture says it requires a ‘Willing and Obedient’ heart to reason with God. (1Chron28:9, Lk8:15) Those who Come to Him with in the honest sincerity of humility will find Mercy and reconciliation. THEN the ‘Washing, Regeneration and Renewing of the Holy Spirit will take place. (Titus3:5)

You MUST Draw near to God in your ‘Natural state, meaning as a living, breathing human being capable of rational thought able to make a sensible decision between right and wrong. It’s your Carnal mind given over to sinful self-indulgence that cannot discern anything spiritual. James 4:7-10 explains the Process: 

Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Lament and mourn and weep! Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.

The ‘Renewing of the mind begins when you empty it of all guile, deceit, uncleanness and double-minded motives. Presenting yourself as that ‘Living Sacrifice, acceptable unto the Lord, no longer Conform to your worldly ways, but TRANSFORMED in Christ (Rom12:1-2) Then you can begin to discern things from a ‘spiritual perspective instead of trying to comprehend God in the ‘Natural sense. The ‘Natural mind (human wisdom, intellect & understanding) cannot properly discern ‘spiritual matters. You must compare ‘spiritual things with spiritual’ (1Cor2:13-15) Since the Spirit speaks through the Scriptures, this means comparing Scripture with Scripture to arrive at proper understanding of God’s truth.

Man in his ‘Natural (and often times carnal) mind-set must comprehend God through a filter called: Systematic Theology, in which he can ‘formulate a System of intellectual thought that defines God in a manner of ‘fairness based on his Double-minded premise. This is how they arrive at their conclusions that a ‘Spirit filled, Born again person in Christ can be both: ‘Spiritual and Carnal, walk in darkness and light, produce good and bad fruit and sin and not die! So they will go about telling people that man is incapable of understanding the Mind of God in his ‘Natural, Carnal’ state, but then also convince him that he becomes ‘magically spiritual by ‘receiving Jesus and can now begin to sort out all the complicated and twisted notions contained in their Systems of theology. Once entangled by this snare he’s given over to the Wretched man, filthy rags profession and BLINDED to ALL things Spiritual. When all he really needed to do in the beginning is discard his ‘carnal self-indulgent notions and focus his mind on finding God, then he could discern ‘spiritual matters and come to Knowledge of the Truth. (1Tim2:4)

What has happened to the vast majority of professing mankind is they have fallen prey to these false theologies and have NEVER Submitted to God on HIS terms. They remain Separated from any genuine Spiritual discernment because they remain ‘DOUBLE-MINDED. They have everything that resembles religion, the charity, the wisdom of men, the intellectual ranting of their pundits, BUT NOTHING that resembles the Truth expressed in the pages of Scripture. The Word of God is said to be Living and Powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of the soul and spirit and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Heb4:12) BUT to those who were ‘born (into a faith) under the Premise of inability, it’s merely ‘ink on a page. HOW can the WORD of God be alive in them if they are Disobeying it all the time? HOW can it sharply divide truth from error in their minds when they have never ‘cleansed themselves of all filthiness and overflow of wickedness and received with meekness the IMPLANTED Word that is able to save their souls (Js1:21) while they set and wait for God to do the cleaning for them; under the supposed premise that they were saved in their sinful state of carnality and lust?

As before the ‘double-mindedness’ remains, so such a person can ‘Receive nothing from God Js1:8. They have never ‘reasoned with God to begin with but rather rationalized with men. Many of them are puffed up in earthy wisdom and expounding their vain imaginings far and wide deceiving others. They like to appear as those possessing a ‘special anointing from the spirit, as though God is ‘showing them these deeper spiritual truths and if others wish to experience it they must also submit to this ‘spirit and be taught in the same manner. It seems that the common thread among these people is that they remain under the ‘spirit of error (age old theologies, teachings, invented doctrines, fallacies) and ‘believe that this mixture of clap-trap is Sound spiritual guidance.

They will seldom yield to the Word of God for instruction, reproof, correction and doctrine. Therefore (just as the scripture proclaims) ‘This Wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic, self-seeking and confusing!(Js3:15, my paraphrase)

It sounds very harsh, but isn’t it Demonic to tell people that they cannot Reason with God as a Natural living and breathing human being able to make a rational choice to diligently seek out His Mercy in Repentance? And to suppose that God must first ‘regenerate’ his mind (meaning send the Spirit to indwell!) while they remain still in rebellion double-minded and unpurified in heart, is Reversing the Process God has intended to Redeem him from the corruption of sin. These false assumptions are all based on theology NOT Truth! Man’s not born ‘dead in his sins, powerless to respond to God’s call, so morally depraved he can’t do anything right or acceptable in God’s sight!’ CARNAL men invented these concepts to absolve themselves of the responsibility to Seek out God and OBEY Him. They have deceived you into believing that man by rendering Simple Obedience to God’s Commands and DOING what He has said to do is trying to ‘Save himself and boast in God’s face that he has the ability within to follow Christ.

MOST of humanity is in a perpetual state of Bewilderment toward God because of these longstanding errors invented by men. They muddle through the religious disorder Mystified by the great swelling words of emptiness emanating from the platforms. The Simplicity that is in Christ has been thrown to the winds long ago. Hardened into a state of Carnality by their refusal to purify the minds they’re souls are made hallow and void of life. While they sit idly by waiting for God’s redemption to come the Voice of ‘Reason grows ever dimmer in their ears and the likelihood of OBEDIENCE fads away.