Is One Marriage for life applicable to all mankind regardless of which God they serve?
Does God only allow One Shot at Marriage whether you know Him or Not?


The General Condition of Gentile mankind:
This I say, therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk, in the futility of their mind, having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God, because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart; who, being past feeling, have given themselves over to lewdness, to work all uncleanness with greediness. Eph4:17-19

that at that time you were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. Eph4:12

The Jews were under Moses Law, the Gentiles under the Law of Conscience, Rom2:14-15, the Law speaks to those 'under it' Rom7:1-4, Conscience, Jh1:9, Speaks to all. Are there pre-qualifications for the Gentiles (pagans, heathens) to be Saved? NONE, expect Faith toward God and Repentance toward our Lord Jesus Christ, Act20:21, (repentance proven by deeds of course, Acts26:21) Isn't all Sin, Sin, you broke one commandment, you've broken all, Js2:10, in the sense of being Dead in your Sins, spiritually cut off from God, no One Sin is any more damnable than any other, you're GUILITY and Condemned.
(blasphemy of holy spirit aside, since that would be impossible to  the Gentile because they don't  know who or what the holy spirit is!


Was anyone questioned about their past marriage-divorce relationships when they Repented. (Samaritan woman example Jh4:9-26) In Matt5, 19, Jesus was speaking to Jews, under the law, violating it. He did not address Marriage to an unbeliever or separation from that marriage and remarriage in God. Paul discusses that issue in 1Cor7 and allows for dissolving of such a marriage and remarriage of a formally divorced person coming into the Lord. Now, does ANYONE today question a potential convert concerning their past, when they 'receive Jesus and are pronounced saved?  So HOW can the person AFTER they have been Pronounced Saved, be held accountable for Something they knew NOTHING about before hand. (since no one told them) The Real question is Do ALL Willful Sins (1Cor6:9-10, Gal5:19-21) have to Stop BEFORE a person can be granted Mercy and Filled with the Spirit, 'born again. FEW will say so, most believe its impossible until they are Saved, then Jesus Will HELP them Stop. BUT how is it FAIR of God to Forgive you 'in your sins' (adultery, fornications, etc) and then Turn around and hold you accountable for a supposed 'unlawful marriage later? It doesn't harmonize with Scripture or reason. Especially under the present Pretense of Christianity in which:  MANY are being Joined together, but  NEITHER is in the Lord!  So again, they went through the routine, received Jesus somewhere along the line, have NEVER stopped sinning from the start, since all sin daily in thought, word and deed, NOW the One Marriage Pundits attempt to apply a false Biblical Standard to their past life and call their present re-marriage Sin!


They misapply the passages in: Matt5, 19, Mk10, Lk16, where Jesus was addressing the Specific subject of Divorce for ANY reason, which was unlawful under Moses. A lawful separation could take place in the event of 'uncleanness (Moses said) or 'fornication (Jesus said) This had NOTHING to do with marriage to an unbeliever (pagan) or the dissolving of such a marriage. The issue was Lust, the putting away for ANY reason in order to go after another more desirable, that's why Jesus told them in the same context that 'looking at a woman and lusting for her in your heart' was the same as committing adultery with her anyway. So their entire premise was driven by impure motives form the start! They knew the Law, what they were attempting to do was create loop-holes to justify themselves in sin. Jesus' precepts would apply to true believers married in the Lord, where divorce is out of the question, but what He said to the Jews has nothing to do with setting Standards of marriage and divorce among Pagan Gentiles, YET to be converted. 

Every Culture on earth has some kind of Laws and Sanctions, loosely based on the Precepts of 10 Commandments. (against murder, theft, bearing false witness, uncivil behaviors, rape, kidnapping, treason) BUT when it comes to Marriage-Divorce-remarriage ANYTHING goes! The most abominable things we can imagine were common in many Gentile (heathen, pagan) Cultures, and remain so to this day. Study the shocking practices among the native American Indians and what the early missionaries encountered. ONLY the Jews had Moses. Did he go out and attempt to apply his Standards for Marriage and Divorce to other Nations, before they were converted to the Lord? It would have been futile to expect a pagan culture to receive such Standards until they came to a knowledge of the Truth. Didn't Jesus also tell the Jews they Must be Born Again to inherit the Kingdom, So the LAW, whether they kept it or not, divorced and remarriage or not, was MOOT in the sense they already under condemnation. The FIRST thing they needed to do was Repent of their sins and be Born Again, then the Precepts of Spiritual Truth would be discernable, 1Cor2:14-15. They were already in Adultery spiritually and physically, in Great Darkness, Jesus was exposing their hypocrisy at trying to use the Law of Moses concerning marriage and divorce to escape their responsibility. They were violating many moral precepts of the Law, just like the Professed Christians arguing about it now, going back and forth trying to apply Godly Standards for Marriage to ungodly people. UNTIL a person is Truly Born Again, HOW can they be held accountable to a Higher Standard of Marriage than ANYTHING else they are currently committing in violation of God's Law? If ALL remarriage is unlawful whether a person knows God or not, then WHY wasn't it made crystal Clear in Scripture in very specific language? There's far too many contradictions in the One Marriage doctrine currently being forced on people who for the most part have 'come to the Lord under a false pretense of being 'saved in their sins in the first place.


Here's what I mean:
How can a person currently 'in adultery be Born Again and Spirit filled?
(if they are in an unlawful marriage)


Every One Marriage Pundit I've ever read or talked to also believes that a person is 'saved by 'receiving Jesus, in their sins. (none insist that all know sin must cease in repentance before mercy can be granted) So, after they are 'saved and Jesus is 'helping them to stop sinning, they are told that their current remarriage is unlawful and must be dissolved or they will be charge with committing adultery, even though they came in believing that ALL their sins were forgiven and forgotten. Now I ask the Pundits to explain:

Do they:
Lose their Salvation they received under the premise God saves them as is
Do you tell them they were they Never Saved to begin with because of the unlawful marriage
And can they be 'Saved again, after they divorce their current spouse and renounce marriage


I think these are honest questions that need explaining if indeed God holds us accountable for unlawful marriages while were 'dead in our sins. And also WHY weren't they told before hand this was an issue!!
No wonder so many people who fall in bondage to this teaching are utterly discouraged and often 'give up', if they didn't come in on the Moral high ground of being married only once and are now being laden with guilt for their remarriage, how can God be considered fair, since they were first accepted but now rejected. I say to the Pundits GET off your moral high horse and start preaching a real repentance and faith Proven by deeds and then perhaps you will have people Purified by obedience to the truth!  


God is NOT going to hold anyone accountable for past martial mess-ups over and above any other sin they committed in their delusion and darkness. Its the arbitrary Standard of Salvation that's at fault here. What you do BEFORE you Know God is not Judged on a Sliding Scale of severity, its ALL Sin. When you Come Clean in Repentance (stop all known sin) you Begin Again  (Born Again!) NOW God's  Standards can apply. You Don't Divorce, you Don't commit adultery, lie, cheat, ect. IF you do, as a genuine child of God, you face the DIRE consequences pronounced. (Heb6:1-8, 10:26-31) But its never a foregone conclusion among real Christians. Under the Pretense, ceasing from sin is unimaginable, they get married, divorced, remarried, commit all sorts of vile acts believing they have the Magic Cover! Subjecting them to Moral Standards they never adhered to in repentance when Jesus was received, is foolishness. The Churches are a Mess because no one has ever stopped sinning to begin with. They're all waiting around for God to clean them up and change their desires from naughty to nice.


They are yet to be 'washed, regenerated and renewed' by the Holy Spirit. The 'spirit they have is the 'spirit of error', so how can they be expected to discern the deeper truths of God and apply them to their lives. The 'Light in them is Darkness, from the Pundits to the pews they need a thorough and cleansing repentance that will remove the vile from their hearts and open the eyes of their understanding to the truth. Then the Standards will be LIVED, not debated and marriage made sacred in the Lord.