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Tertullian, who believed that marrying again after the death of your first mate was sinful and wrong, said the following about Paul's clear instructions in I Cor.  7:  (Tertullian) "Thou hast been bound to a wife, seek not loosing; thou hast been loosed from a wife, seek not a wife."  "But if thou shalt have taken to thyself a wife, thou hast not sinned;" because to one who, before believing, had been "loosed from a wife," she will not be counted a second wife who, subsequently to believing, is the first; for it is from the time of our believing that our life itself dates its origin."  Tertullian was one of the strictest on monogamy, but here he shares WHY we don't find any divorce before baptism!!!   They gave everyone a fresh start at conversion.   "LIFE BEGINS AT CONVERSION" 

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