Joel Osteen 



In Typical Fashion he cops out on Sin:
On the January 26, 2011 edition of Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, Morgan questioned Osteen over Osteen's statement that homosexuality is a sin according to the scriptures. Osteen also said there are many other sins and that he is not out to bash. "I'm not the one to judge who's bad and who's good." Osteen noted that he really only mentions homosexuality during television interviews.

He also admits that his central aim is not the Gospel of the Bible: He does not want to talk about anything negative.  Sin, hell, God's wrath onto the unbelievers at the end time are not part of his vocabulary.  He just wants people to feel good and to feel good about themselves.  The sad part of this is that he then should have become a counselor not a preacher.      

His Gospel is very basic: No one Can Judge, God is not real concerned about sin and keep them happy! Further explanation is not necessary for this Wolf. If you follow him you're heading for the Pit. It may feel good now, but in the end all the glitter will be gone.