Hell or Hades


Over all it's a Mystery, but my theory is based on the Jewish Custom of Paradise, Luke16:19-31,

Some called this place Hades, (or Sheol OT)  which is the Greek translation of 'Hell' in KJV. However Hell, as we know it as the final place of the wicked is Gehenna, (the trash heap outside the city in valley of Hinnom)  This Word (wrongly translated Hell in KJV) used by Christ in Matt5:22, as punishment for insulting a person vehemently. Should change word Hell in following passages to Gehenna:

So to the Jews Hades, Sheol, or Abraham's bosom, was the temporary resting place of the dead, both righteous and wicked. Being separated by a huge gulf no one can cross over, as we are shown in the Luke passage. This is where Jesus descended during the three days before His bodily Resurrection, to speak with the OT Saints and then lead them into His abode with the Father. (Eph4:7-9)


Remember also that Peter, in his Pentecost address, Acts2:31, said of Christ that His Soul was not left in 'Hades',  (Miss translated in KJV as Hell)


It is necessary to distinguish between these words to understand the impact of all this. Although it's certainly not a Salvation issue or of absolute certainty.  


Note: In Rev20:14 the Lake of fire is also referring to Gehenna (which was always burning) the Word translation in the Rev passage is simply Pyr...Fire.