God is on our Side!


ďFor there is no Partiality with God. God is no Respecter of Persons!Ē (Rom2:11, Acts10:34)


WHY Canít God take Sides in our human conflicts? Specifically because He can show no Favoritism. He is not Willing that ANY Perish, but ALL may come to Repentance. His Patience and Longsuffering is extended to everyone who will turn and live. (Rom2:4) The Heart of God is Pleased with those who worship Him and DO what is Right. You Cannot evoke His favor through devious means or Double-Minded ways. God Cannot endorse human wars, political intrigue or self exaltation.


Man always attempts to use God as his leverage to influence the people toward evil ends. Patriotic fervor works well. God and Country must be defended against our common enemy. Itís always a battle of Good vs Evil. But is Doing Good inclusive of removing the tyrants from their thrones of power? Absolutely! Thatís the ultimate outcome we all desire. However itís in the Methods that we find ourselves at odds. The Weapons of our Warfare are NOT Carnal but Spiritual. (2Cor10:4-5) True followers of Christ CANNOT dispose of corrupt officials by force of arms. Many in the Church Systems throughout history have gone this route and met with the same failures as their ancient cohorts. Certainly God will ultimately Judge and further dispose of earthy despots and their regimes. But ONLY through the means HE has ordained. The Prophets were sent to expose corruption and sin, and to call people to a real Repentance proven by his deeds. In due course, as the hearts of men changed from Darkness to Light, from the Power of Satan to God, those in positions of authority Ceased to do evil and Learned to do good. Then they reproved the oppressor, Defended the fatherless, pleaded for the Widow and sought Justice in the land. (Isa1:16-17) But the Root problem is SIN. From the lest to the greatest, hearts that are in rebellion to Godís Truth. People Must be turned from their iniquity and the evil of their doings. Otherwise there is no hope of real reform.


Merely enlightening them to all the political corruption in the world will only inflame their base passions against the opposite paradigm. Such a conflict will not solve anything, only install another form of tyranny. Perhaps more benevolent at the outset, but infected with the same potential for deceit as the one overthrown. WHY? Because the Strongholds Remain. The Vain imaginations of the heart will STILL be exalted against God. Man Cannot submit to a better form of Government unless he has first submitted himself in humble repentance to Christ. Need I remind you of the evil Kings of ancient Israel? God sent the Prophets to warn them, NOT to fight them.  Ultimately they were disposed and lost everything, but it was always as a result of their own disobedience. The Prophets never raised up an army of the disgruntled and marched against them.  


Today is no different. The Tyrants who lord over us will meet their demise, no doubt. They may indeed first gorge themselves in the Blood of the Saints. (it has happened many times in the past) There is no guarantee that the installation of the original Republic will prevent the onslaught. Religious deception is keeping MOST people in the dark concerning these things. In the end Christ will prevail, but it will NOT be like anyone expects. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness may be the highest form of human endeavor. But in Christ you are Called OUT of this World and Crucified with Him to the passions and desires of the flesh. To overcome evil with good you Must OBEY what God has Said and begin with a Departure from iniquity. A Good tree cannot bare Bad fruit just as a Bad tree canít bare Good fruit. Lay the Ax to the Root of the tree!


Compromise breeds contempt of Godís Truth. Men speak guile and operate by deceitful means. You canít manipulate your way to a better form of government. Evil may be suppressed for a time, but it will always return in a more sinister form. In Christ you Warn the Righteous and the Wicked and Keep yourself on the Narrow Path to life. Participation in the Political arena is reserved for the world, not the Saints. The Disciples of Christ proclaim a Message of Repentance and Faith, which has no place in halls of Congress. They Stand aloof of the Worldís Systems and call down Sin, Righteousness and Judgment. Disdain is their lot in life, never popularity. The false religious system will never welcome their message nor heed their warnings.


Behold the Prophets! They exposed sin and pulled down the Stronghold of lies deceiving the people. They pointed out injustice and political corruption. BUT they DID NOT resort to violent means and attempt to overthrow the powers that be. That was in Godís hands. He would bring down the Principalities and Powers in His own time. All Men are given the opportunity to Repent and Turn from their wicked ways. The Prophets and Preachers are only Godís Messengers sent to warn them. Either they obey God and Repent or endure His Judgment. Once the Cup of iniquity is full the hammer comes down. You Reap what you Sow, itís the final cause and effect. God is Not a Respecter of persons. CHOOSE this Day WHO you will Serve! The god of this age or Christ the Lord. He is the Way, Truth and Life, donít depart this world as His enemy.