Ed  Young

"Amend your ways and your doings! Do Not Trust in these lying Words!" Jer7:3-4

Super Sonic Sinner!
The Arrangement    
Righteous Lust


Young personifies the 'Sin' Message and believes that constantly calling himself a sinner is 'humbling' But what this does according to the Bible is Sear the Conscience and harden the heart. (1Tim4:1-4, Heb12:16-17) That's why they can Sin with impunity and trust in their own lying words, that they possess Peace, Peace when their is no Peace! (Jer6:14) Young is the Perfect showman. He appeals to his audience with smooth words of emptiness. He dresses down and speaks on their level. It's cool and upbeat, like your favorite comedian.  He has every nuance down pat and has the ability to bring people under his spell. It's uncanny to watch him work and gives you the feeling that 'something' is definitely assisting him to win over the people.


Are 'Christians' 'Supersonic' Sinners?  (As Young implies)

The Exact Opposite! SIN SHALL NOT Reign in your Mortal body! You are Dead To Sin, The LIFE you now live in the flesh is by faith in Christ!
(Rom6:12, 4-6, Gal3:20) Those who are in Christ 'HAVE' Crucified the Flesh with its passions and desires!' Gal5:24.
He Who Sins is of the Devil! 1Jh3:8. 'Depart from Iniquity!' 2Tim2:19. 'Go and Sin no More!' John8:11. Lay aside all filthiness' and overflow of wickedness! James1:21. KEEP yourself Pure! 1Tim5:22.

Young Preaches lies from the Pit! Spiritual Death is in his tongue. He teaches Doctrines of Demons!  

Is Everyone a Liar, as Young implies. He calls his own Sons liars, and says 'I didn't teach him that!' But yet he claims that he himself is a liar and every Christian who even tried to tell the truth is not being honest! Are not his own sons just FOLLOWING his example? (1Pet1:18) NO ONE is Born a liar. Sin is a Choice you make, not something in your nature!

All Liars will go to the lake of fire! Rev21:8. Speak the TRUTH in love, Eph4:15.Speak no guile, 1Pet3:10. Keep your tongue from evil! Ps34:13.
No foolish talking or coarse jesting, not fitting among Saints! Eph5:4. Put away All filthy language out of your mouth, Col3:8.