Donít Tread on Me!


This is theme of the present day Patriot movement. They believe it is their inalienable right to oppose tyranny, at the force of arms if necessary. AND that God will sanction their Revolution as he did in 1776. They are fully awake to Government conspiracy and can quote chapter and verse thousands of Documents, memos, white papers, legislation and numerous other facts and figures pertaining to the New World Order. Theyíre intelligent in the ways of the world, cunning and courageous for their cause. To them itís God and Country, Red, White, and Blue, death before dishonor.


Yet at the same time they are entirely DUPED by a bunch of slick talking preachers who are leading them down the path of Liberty in Godís Name. They have NO Discernment whatsoever to uncover the False Deadly Doctrines keeping them in bondage to the Passion of their Flesh and Serving Sin. Thatís why most of them War according to the flesh, are foul mouthed, name callers, expressing extreme anger at their adversaries and are totally wrapped up in worldly endeavors. To them Salvation in Christ is merely another dimension of their lives that adds some creditability to the cause. People are more app to follow them if they can be made to believe that America was founded on ĎChristianí Principles by Ďgodlyí men. It worked well in the past and is working today as many rally around the flag equating it with Christ.


Thus they see Paul, Peter, John and the early Christians as Patriot Activists, protesting the tyranny of Rome. They make the Scriptures FIT into their assumptions. Itís NOT Paul opposing the False Teachers over Doctrinal errors blaspheming the Way of Truth. NO! Itís Paul confronting the Kings and other leaders who want to take away his liberty. When Jesus Cleansed the temple of the money changers, he was disposing of the Jewish Bankers Ďfederal reserveí system of the day, and the ONLY Government we are to obey is those who unmold Constitutional values, all others are to be disposed of by force if necessary. Thatís how far they will twist the Bible to blend with their 'Just Cause, and sadly many people eat it up.


One thing to their credit however is the fact they do recognize the Reprobated Condition of the Churches. Although itís NOT for their adherence to False Doctrines that promote sin, but for their Cowardice in failure to oppose the corrupted Government. They constantly accuse them of using Romans 13 to persuade the people to lay down to tyranny and wait for Jesus to Return to bail them out, but to a man I've found that they ALL believed the born in sin, saved in sin lie all the Churches are preaching. Their disagreement with the Churches has Nothing to do with teaching people the fallacies of Original Sin or Transferred Righteousness they call these things 'Doctrinal debates better left alone because they 'Divide the people. And that's the real issue concerning their cause, Uniting the people under a Common Banner to oppose tyranny, not false doctrines.

Since the focal Point of the Patriot Gospel is Standing up against the forces of Tyranny a question that desperately needs to be addressed is: WHO is at Fault for the Present Day Mess in our Society. Simplistically the collective answer would have to be: a Corrupted Government gone Rouge. This is confirmed by listening to Patriot Pundits like Alex Jones and others who come on his program. To them every ill of society, from top to bottom can be traced back to the despot conspirators who want to establish a New World Order to control of everything on the planet. Therefore the Apostate nature of the churches can also be attributed to the overall conspiracies. Therefore the 'Patriot Ministers run around exposing all these things, but  Preach & Teach the exact SAME Doctrines as the rest, while they accuse them of falling prey to the NWO. (not the wiles of the devil!)


Then WHOSE Fault is it? Would the Government had stepped in and taken control of our social services had the Churches been doing what they were called to do to begin with? Would evil men and imposters have been elected to high office and stole our heritage had the Preachers been demanding a Real Repentance PROVEN by Deeds? Instead of telling everyone God has a wonderful plan for their lives so repeat after me? How could the churches be a moral compass to society when they are telling everyone sin doesn't matter only belief in Jesus? You Canít just blame the evil people in positions of authority. They are only doing what comes Natural to them, being held in Sway by Satan. Isnít the Gospel Supposed to Turn Man from Darkness to Light and from the Power of Satan to the Power of God? (Acts26:18) It Certainly isnít happening in Churches or among the 'Patriot movement. They are all 'Carnal sold under sin.  


First the WALL of Separation Came Down, the church married itself to the world to attract more members. Then they went soft on sin and invented a new gospel that appeals to the masses. The Result was inevitable. A Society given over to reprobated Minds. How can the Government be the only culprit for usurping the rights of people, as the Patriots claim when the irresponsibility of the people professing to be Christians force the authorities to take action lest we descend into anarchy? WHOSE job was it to set the Standard of morality to begin with, to be the example people could follow toward righteous behavior? NOT the Government! It is only acting in response to the inevitable outcome of a society gone berserk into lawlessness. What can the System do, let them run wild on the streets while their unwed parents wallow in drugs, sex and alcohol like animals? These people arenít Suddenly going to become Responsible human beings and reformed their ways. They have to be restrained for their own protection and the protection of others. The Churches are 'sin management programs not agents of Regeneration. They promote more sin than they admonish. The Pulpits are full of perverts child molesters, drunks and reprobates. So what can anyone expect from the Pews! The Patriot movement has no answers for this dilemma, only in that they THINK that a better form of Government will fix the problems, but we all know it won't. Only a Genuine Repentance on the scale of Nineveh will salvage this Mess. All the finger pointing and name calling in the world will prove nothing while the people continue be ĎSavedí in their Sins. You can teach them Conservative politics but not moral values. That must originate form a heart truly emptied of guile and clean before God. The people are blind for a reason, because the lust of their fleshly self-indulgence is out of control, unbridled by doctrines that promise them liberty in sin. Youíre not going to fix this mess by voting for the right people. Itís too far gone. The people had plenty of opportunity  in the past to slow down the decay. Instead they dove into it head first and now almost all are on the Sinking Sands of compromise and shame. 


Consider the generation that came home from WWII after defeating the Naziís and imperialism of Japan. The world should have entered into a Golden age of Liberty. Millions had been liberated from the forces of tyranny and given a second chance in life. But instead of moving toward the Light they went immediately back under the Iron Curtain of Communism. What an opportunity they had to create a New World of equality and Justice. Why didn't it come about after all the bloodshed for a 'Just Cause? Simply because it was all based on the SAME human duplicity all other 'Just Causes' were based on throughout history. Deceitful agendas, Secret societies wishing to establish their dream utopia based on enslavement, wealthy depots in league with Satan and the masses of unsuspecting minions willing to march off to war to preserve something they knew nothing about.

So the Government expanded into a Monster, stretching its tentacles into every realm of daily life. They took control of the Schools, Colleges, health care system, news media and industry. Nothing was beyond their grasp. All the Top people elected to Office were hand selected through a series of committees with specific agendas toward the final take over of the World. Like the Charlatan Preachers they were slick and cunning, dolling out government goodies. (like crumbs off the Masters table) The people practically worshiped them and grabbled for more. It didnít matter that they Supported abortion on demand, Gay marriage, and a thousand more social services designed to destroy families and disrupt lives. People ignored the telltale signs of immoral reputations and under-handed dealing. The Politics of the person were MORE important than the substance of their Character. All this happening under the nose of the Apostate churches preaching love and tolerance while the world disincarnated around them. The repeat after me routines, the wonderful plan God has for your life, all the fun and games and big money rolling in, it all added up to create this System of error we have in our midst today and no matter which Side of the agenda you choose its all based on the same corrupted premise; man is born a sinner and can never stop sinning, but only cope with his addictions and hope for the best.


As a result evil took Control of the County and began to dismantle our institutions one by one. But WHAT did the people do? Partied on, going to their cold dead churches electing the same corrupt and compromised individuals to high Office, hoping for better times ahead. So WHOSE really to blame? You have Exactly the kind of Society you yourselves Created. Is ANYONE going to Repent and Start OBEYING the Bible? Not likely. The Patriots THINK they are obeying it now. But another blood bath in the Name of Liberty is NOT what this World needs. It will accomplish Nothing in the long run. And neither will getting Ďyour peopleí elected to office bring any significant and lasting change. What they will inevitably try to do is Set up their Brave New World, and leave God OUT of it. But the REAL CHRISTIANS need not be overly concerned because are NOT of this World. The SAINTS are part of the STONE the Builders have Rejected. A Royal Priesthood and holy Nation called to Proclaim the Praises of HIM who called them Out of Darkness into His Marvelous Light. They are Sojourners (foreigners, strangers) Pilgrims. Looking for a New Heaven and New Earth where Righteousness dwells. The Real People of Faith travel the land looking for the City which has the Solid foundation whose builder and maker is God. Throughout history they have suffered at the hands of evil men. They were Stoned, sawn in two, tempted, butchered, made destitute and afflicted. Wandering about in deserts and mountains, dens and caves of the earth. These men and women of WHOM the World was NOT worthy died in Faith obtaining a GOOD testimony from God!


Thatís why your Patriot Movement will never succeed. Godís people are NOT trying to establish a Worldly Kingdom of freedom and Justice for all. But a Spiritual one of Purity and Righteousness toward God. Your new Government (if you could establish one) would be packed with the exact same type of hypocrites your battling now. They would eventually compromise and sell out to the same influences for more power. History Proves it. I know Nothing could convince you otherwise, that God is on your side, guiding you down the Path of Liberty and blessing your efforts. But according to the Bible, HE has NOTHING to do with any of this. His Desire is Cleary defined in that He wishes all people everywhere to Repent and follow Christ into the New Kingdom. (Acts17:30-31, 1Tim2:4) Man determines his own Destiny. Providence allows you to follow after the Choices you have made in life. The End Game belongs to God, at the Great Judgment. You can Win the War and remain Void of any Real Truth. Just as you can give your body to burned and profit nothing. The Precepts of Christ are Simple, Meekness and lowliness of heart. When we stand before the Pilates of this World, as He did, we follow in His footsteps. When He suffered, He did Not threaten, When reviled He did Not retaliate, but Committed Himself to HIM who Judges Righteously!


EVERY Apostle met the SAME Fate and Committed themselves to God. Millions more true believers have followed their example throughout history. For the Present Day American Patriot Movement to portray these people as Freedom fighters opposing tyranny is a Disgrace to their memory. They were the heroes of FAITH defending the Truth. NOT taking up Arms to dispose of tyrants. Take an honest look at history and the Book of ACTS. You Wonít find any of these Saints Bull horning the authorities and calling anyone Scumbags, but you will find them Dying for doing nothing more than Preaching the Truth of Jesus. They would NOT have laid down to the Naziís or the Communists or anyone for that matter. Neither would they have taken up arms for any government if ordered to do so. You DONíT Kill your fellow man then tell him that Jesus is your Lord. Your Patriotic fervor is being miss-directed mixing it with by the phony Pundits of liberty. I know that Virtue sells to a certain segment of the population, but associating yourselves with Ministers preaching the SAME Doctrinal Errors of the Churches you accuse of cowardice, is backward logic. The only difference between you and them, is YOU expose the NWO and encourage people to take action against it. Otherwise you Preach the Same Gospel as they do, based on the Same fallacies of Original Sin, Moral Transfer, Sins forgiven in advance and eternal security. Thus supposed Salvation, across the board and without exception, takes place ĎIN YOUR SINS, and in them you remain. 


I firmly believed that the phony gospel pleases those of you in the Patriot Movement JUST as much as it satisfies the false Pastors you accuse of laying down to tyranny. It serves both purposes to the utmost. Men like Jones can launch into his frequent tirades and call it Preaching and you all swoon at his elegance and say amen. But it has NOTHING to do with the Truth of Christ! He and most of his adherents are foul mouthed, into all sorts of New age religions, some are even drunkards, sexual perverts and outright atheists. But they are all under ONE BIG tent opposing tyranny and that makes it fine and dandy with God. (no matter how you perceive Him!) It's all a total farce, another lie to subvert the true message of Christ and keep the focus of real repentance and faith. As the Church sets under their sissy Pastors waiting for the 'Rapture, you so-called Patriots take to the streets and cause civil unrest in the name of Jesus. What differs in your pursuits, only the 'Cause you believe in, NOT the Truth Christ Preached. You will all perish for a Counterfeit agenda like so many have in the past and what will be the end result of all your efforts .... failure and shame at the Great Judgment as you hear those awful words from Him you think your serve: 'I Never knew you, Depart from Me you workers of Iniquity!'