John Calvin had a very darkened understanding of salvation and faith. Much of what he said contradicts scripture and sound reason. Why anyone would continue to follow his outrageous doctrines after examining the evidence is beyond comprehension. But the true story of John Calvin has been sanitized throughout history to protect the false doctrine of once saved always saved. Many who today hold him in high esteem are NOT aware of his monstrous activities in Geneva, even though they are well documented in various books of history. The trail and subsequent murder of the Spanish Physician, Michael Servetus is heavily documented and puts John Calvin at the center of this man's death. In fact, Calvin expressed no regret later in life nor any remorse for any of the horrendous acts he committed while acting Magistrate of Geneva. Calvin is the true essence of the Pharisees described in Matt 23:1-36, who shut up the kingdom of heaven against men and neither go in themselves or allow those who are entering to go in.


Following are a FEW of his outrageous remarks that turn God into a Tyrant!

"God is the author of that action which is sinful by His irresistible will! God produces adultery, cursing, lying. He supplies wicked men with opportunities of sinning and inclines their hearts thereto. He blinds, deceives and seduces them. He, by His working on their hearts, bends and stirs them up to do evil. And thus thieves, murderers and other malefactors are God's instruments which He uses to execute what He hath decreed in Himself."
(Calvin Institutes, b. 1, c. 17, s. 5.)  (Calvin's god must have been an Angel of light!)

Does this charge God with sin? "NO!" says Calvin, "God necessitates them only to the act of sin, not to the deformity of sin. Besides, when God makes angels or men sin, He does not sin Himself because He does not break any law. For God is under no law and therefore cannot sin!"
(WHERE does this appear in scripture? The 'deformity' of sin?? Such a notion does not exist!)


How then does God make angels and men sin? Calvin answers, "The devil and wicked men are so held in on every side with the hand of God, that they cannot conceive or contrive or execute any mischief any farther than God Himself doth permit only, but COMMAND! Nor are they only held fetters, but COMPELLED also as with a bridle to perform obedience to these commands." (Calvin Institutes, b. 1. c. 17, s. 11)
(How could God charge men with sin as 'Transgression' of His law, if He Himself forces them to do it?)

Why does God call on men to everywhere to repent, Acts 17:30-32, when He has from the foundation of the world decreed that the greater part of them should be eternally damned?
Calvin's twisted answer: "As God has His effectual call, whereby He gives the elect the salvation to which He ordained them, He also has his Judgments towards the reprobates, whereby He executes His decree concerning them. As many, therefore, as he created to live miserably and then parish everlastingly; these, that they may be brought to the end for which they were created, He at other times, by the preaching thereof, blinds and stupifies them the more!"
(Calvin's Institutes, b. 3, c. 22, sec 1-13)

Why call them at all, if they pre-ordained to eternal death?
Calvin continues with devilish reason, " He calls them that they may be MORE deaf, He kindles a light, that they may be MORE blind; He brings His doctrine to them that they may be MORE ignorant and applies the remedy to them that they may NOT be healed!"
(I would have to conclude that 1John2:2, which states that 'Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for our sins and NOT ONLY OURS but also for the WHOLE world,' means nothing to anyone calling themselves a 'Calvinist.' Nor would the Lord's own Words in John12:32, "If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw ALL Peoples to Myself," have any meaning as well. Check also: 1Tim2:4-6, 4:10)